Are Afghan women optimistic about Peace with Taliban?

It has been 18 years since the collapse of a regime when women were being defined by their rights and identity in the four walls of the home and the internal responsibilities of family and kitchen, and it was the Taliban political system or their government that kept women in the houses for more than half a decade and had experienced hardship. They were deprived of the right to work abroad, to be educated in school and university, which is known today as the greatest achievement of women.
Now that 18 years have passed since then, Afghan women have achieved the greatest. They go to school to learn pre-education; then they go to university to be active in various fields such as politics, economics, technology, security, health…etc., to shape the future of their country. What was impossible for them in the past and was just a dream. Now that hundreds of legal materials and women’s rights organizations are working to support and protect women, as well as recognizing women as half of society who have equal rights without any discrimination from men side, it is no longer a dream and the accepted objective reality of Afghanistan today is on the side of other achievements for women.
Although the lack of practical shortcomings of the government to support and highlight the status of women cannot be ignored, it seems that all these achievements with all their shortcomings are today the red line for women in any political transaction which is supposed to make the future of the country’s political system; and would not trad able ever.
However, the questions that arise are whether women will support peace with the Taliban? In other words, are women ready to accept the post-peace Emirati regime to end violence? In general, what is their perspective on the peace perspective with the Taliban?
Peace which is a lost and a chronic long-wish of every Afghan citizen, which many people are counting for the moments to come true their wish, but it is discussing while the Taliban is the mean side of the peace reconciliations. Taliban, the group that has made the darkest period in its history by displaying an unprecedented extremist hostility to Afghan women during their regime.
With this situation, Afghan women, who have the worst and most horrific experiences of the Taliban in the past, on the one hand accept this peace to end the suicide bombing and on the other hand consider peace as the biggest threat against them. Because they see the Taliban as a great risk to themselves, given the nearly two decades of history and the group’s actions so far that have led to the stoning of thousands of women and children, and are reluctant to change the group’s minds. And the Taliban have exacerbated this insecurity of women in the negotiations between the Americans and the country’s political leaders. Because when they are always asked about women’s rights, their answer is simply, “We recognize women’s rights according to Islamic law,” without explaining whether the same law that defined women’s rights 18 years ago? Or this law is different from that past law. According to women, the Taliban have always seen the media as promoting prostitution and described freedom of speech as a means of promoting infidelity and atheism. This indicates that the group has not changed its mind after 18 years. Women who do not believe in a change of the Taliban are pessimistic about peace with the Taliban. However, they see peace as a serious need and stress that the Taliban must comply with the demands of the Afghan people and stop fighting violence.

Prepared by: M. Elham NAWID YASINI

The beginning of a tragedy catastrophe in Afghanistan

Photo from Google, Health workers

Today, the whole world is paralyzed by the corona-virus (Cavid 19), because it has taken the whole world by surprise, and now, a few months later, the virus is still killing thousands of people a day around the world. However, the victims of this monster have become more than one million people.

Now, April/ 5/ 2020, report from Nasim (Kardan) Kabul, Afghanistan.

But Afghanistan, in addition to other countries’ preparations, has not taken any measures to combat the virus, which has caused concern among the population. Except for publicist works such as:

The presence of the officials of the Ministry of Public Health of Afghanistan and the Special Committee for Combating Violence of Corona-virus, led by the Vice President Sarwar (Danesh) in the media and some issues that people are already aware of, very little publicity for better awareness. So that all different segments of Afghan society can protect themselves against this dangerous virus. Building a hospital in a few days or weeks is far from wise management and the Afghan government does not have this ability because we have hospitals in Afghanistan that do not have any kind of service system that has lost facilities at this time. Unfortunately, the authorities do not have the ability to manage Afghanistan’s resources.

Seeing one of the hundreds of hospitals called Ibn-e-Sina in (Kabul) and visiting this hospital, I realized that this hospital does not have any kind of preparation to fight with this virus. Here are some important examples:

  1. No specific plan for corona-virus infection.
  2. No training for health workers and administrative staff to prevent the virus.
  3. Lack of measures for the health of hospital staff.
  4. Lack of respiratory and technical equipment to fight the virus.
  5. Not equipping employees with special clothes, gloves, masks, glasses, etc.
  6. There are no special foods for patients with Cavid 19.
  7. Lack of washing liquid, special handkerchiefs for handles, clean disinfectant feet and spraying the hospital courtyard.
  8. Lack of advertising materials to inform the general public.

Now, instead of building a new hospital, the virus will not give us the opportunity to build a hospital, and the Afghan government will not be able to build a standard hospital in the short time, so it would be better to equip these hospitals. This shows that the leadership of the Ministry of Public Health is immersed in corruption and does not have a specific plan to fight the corona-virus. And the Corona Virus Special Commission is not a professional people who can predict the catastrophe, according to the latest figures released by the Afghan Ministry of Public Health. The number of people infected with the corona-virus has reached 309.

Afghanistan is in dire need of sound health management away from any kind of corruption because the virus is spreading in big cities like Kabul. The Afghan Ministry of Public Health, headed by Mr. Ferozuddin (Feroz), lacks a healthy program and leadership.

We call on the international community:

  1. UNDP
  2. USAID – United States Agency of International Development
  3. WB – World Bank
  4. EC – European Commission
  5. JICE – Japan International Cooperation Agency
  6. GF – Global Found
  7. UNFPA – United Nations Population Found
  8. WHO – World Health Organization
  9. UNICEF – United Nations International Children’s Emergency
  10. CIDA – Canadian International Development Agency

The countries and aid organizations for Afghanistan, to reconsider in this regard to prevent a human tragedy catastrophe in Afghanistan.

A deadly attack on Sikh worship place in Afghanistan

Afghan Sikhs Which rescued by Afghan Forces

Due to a deadly terrorist attack on a Sikh worship place in Kabul province (the capital of Afghanistan) 33 civilians have been killed and wounded. This attack today -morning on date March 25 around 8am was began when dozens of Sikhs were worshiping.
Although the cause and motivation for the attack is not clear yet, but some people link it to the religious conflicts between Hindu extremists and Muslims in India which are going on at the moment.
Apart from the cause and motivation of this attack, what is important to note is the weakness and inability of the government and security agencies in securing the security of citizens, which cannot prevent such anti-human attacks. On the other hand, political divisions among Afghan political leaders have also led security agencies to engage in political issues rather than focus on the security of Afghan citizens.
Citizens of Afghanistan are strongly concerned about the creation of parallel governments and consider the causes of insecurity to be political divisions among political leaders. They call on the government to end these divisions and pay attention to the security of citizens.
Belgian Independent Global Human Rights Organization (BIGHRO) strongly condemns this attack and call the government to pay attention to the security of its citizens and protect the life and rights of the minorities in this country. we also urge the political leaders to end their political differences and prevent Afghanistan from going into more crisis.

Reporter: M. Elham Nawid Yasini

A Prominent Civil Rights Activist Was Arrested by Pakistan’s Police last night

Manzoor pashteen that he is one of famous human rights and civil rights activists and also the leader of Pashtoon Thaffuz Movement (PTM) in Pakistan, was arrested by Pakistan’s police last night.
PTM is a completely peaceful movement that fights for restoring of minorities rights and preventing their killing by Pakistani government.
Belgian Independent Global Human Rights Organizations strongly condemns this illegal action of Pakistan’ police and call on the Pakistani government to release immediately Mr. Pashteen from custody.
The international community, Human rights organizations and Amnesty International are also urged to put necessary pressures on Pakistani government and call on the Pakistani government to release the leader of PTM from custody and do not prevent the activities of human rights and civil rights activists in Pakistan.

Reporter: M. Elham NAWID YASINI

Please support women’s breathing right in Afghanistan

Women in Afghanistan not only are deprived from their fundamental rights but also it is very hard for them to breathe easily.
This issue relevant to existing of extremist group and people who are misogynist and trying to suffocate the voice of women and make them imprisonment in their home. Recently establishing of an office under name of (Administration for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice) by an extremist scholar Mujib Rahman Ansari in Herat province (western province in Afghanistan) is a simple example of this matter. He due to his influence and power is working hard to make veil- wearing (Hejab) compulsory and collect the people by his religious school student who committed crime to impose Hudud (hard religion punishment of Islamic law) on them. He threats women through local medias every day by stressing to implementation of Hudud.
This matter has deeply concerned the women of Herat and they do not have the courage to stand up against Ansari’s threats and remarks.
Ignoring some women rights including preventing them from appearing in public and threatening them with a journalistic job, are the cases that Ansari wants women to be deprived.
However, the government has been silent in this regard and has not instituted any legal action against Mr. Ansari yet. Extremist groups are usually supported by Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia to promote extremism in Afghanistan.
It should be noted that some Afghan Leader who also benefit from the financial resources of these countries are completely silent in such cases and pretend that there is no such thing at all.
Afghan civil and human rights activist insist that if the government continues to silence around Mr. Ansari and other extremist groups, it will not be too late for us to see extremist groups sharper than Taliban and ISIS in Afghanistan and being witness for nail- biting on democracy’s half-life coffin.

We urge European countries, which are trying to institutionalize democracy in Afghanistan and fund the Afghan government for this purpose, to put pressure on the Afghan government to bring the agents of extremism and violence in justice and do not let anyone dare to threat Afghan women again.

Reporter: M. Elham NAWID YASINI

Supporting human rights abusers and having a partnership with them in the important national processes is disparagement of democratic values

Mr. Ashraf Ghani is expected to respect the principles of democracy and pay attention to it more than anyone else. Despite having followed education in the Western world he seems to work in the contrary, because he actually violates in most cases the human rights and infringes the significant process of the democratic values during the political campaigns.
For instance, supporting human rights abusers indirectly by hiring them to join electoral campaigns in aim to obtain more votes. General Malik is one of those figures, he is accused of murdering over 5000 war prisoners after a coalition with the Taliban in 1998.

Moreover, he and his two brothers Mr. Rasool Pahlawan and Mr. Gul Mohammad Pahlawan have committed a great amount of crimes and human rights violation in the past as well. From having personal jails to forced marriages, rape, expropriation of public properties and killing innocent people.Instead of bringing them in front of the court, Mr. Ashraf Ghani the president of Afghanistan supports them and brought them to his electoral campaign. They are even supposed to be hired in the next cabinet of Afghanistan’s government after the Presidential elections.

However, it seems that Mr. Ghani is not committed to any principles of democracy and he is ready to do anything for his victory in the elections. Even if it means to have agreements with such inhuman criminals and create safe heavens on earth for them. Nevertheless, it doesn’t seem to bother the President at all.

Reporter: M. Elham Nawid Yasini

Afghanistan Death Square for Women and Children

Afghan women

Most sex offenders can only be sexually aroused when the victim is frightened and humiliated; sexual intercourse is less important. There seems to be a specific reason for the increasing incidence of rape in a society with an Islamic state and structure. In this note I discuss the reasons for the increase in rape within the framework of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Victims of rape:

Almost certainly, women and children are the first and most victims of rape in Afghan society – women who make up half of the population and children who are to be the future of Afghanistan.

Most women who are raped want to get out of this situation and do not want to go through the offensive stages of “medical examination”, “police interrogation” and court hearings, and so on.

In Islamic Republic penal code, violators are usually not convicted solely on the basis of “testimony of the victim”. Therefore, there must also be confirmatory evidence from others – evidence of penetration, aggressive identity, and the fact that proximity occurred without the consent of the woman. Documentation is usually difficult to obtain if the crime is found on a dark alley or street without identifying the accused. Much of the rape does not happen instantaneously, but is partly pre-planned.

Rape, Systematic Method of Islamic State

Rape in the prisons of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The fact is that rape has always been used in the Islamic Republic as a means of entertainment and income for prisoners, especially female prisoners.

Rape may take place for the torture and destruction of prisoners, or for other reasons. Since rape has a very devastating effect on the morale and psychology of the victims and also embarrasses them, so few victims are willing to interview the media and have somehow sought refuge and seclusion.

There have been numerous reports of rape. Sometimes there is moral corruption in the citadel of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan!

And sometimes the sexual abuse of girls in the Football Federation!

Sometimes the ugly news of women’s prison and sometimes the rape of children, sometimes by the mullahs and sometimes by teachers!

Rape is at the heart of science at universities, safe-homes that should be safe for women, but most safe-homes are unsafe because there is rape too!

When the office of the rich president is violated, local governments are not ignorant!

Key ministries such as the Ministry of Interior and Defense, the Ministry of Public Health, and the country’s hospitals such as Sardar Mohammad Dawod Khan rape group.

Sometimes there is a man named Asadullah Khalid minister of defense, and sometimes a person’s masterpiece is called Karamuddin sometimes President Ashraf Ghani’s advisers make a loud noise ….

On the latest shameful reports in Logar province schools!


It seems that with the coming of the Islamic Republic under this government, it has passed through all the spiritual and human sacrifices of the Afghan people like a terrible storm and has left nothing to the next generation. From the collapse of the family, to the moral decline of society.

Such a society will, along with themselves, bring all human values ​​to the lowest level of moral and human virtues. The Islamic Republic’s action to counter this inhumane act (rape) will not only end this vicious cycle of violence, but will continue to resort to violence, in the form of “sexual assault” on the most vulnerable people in society. (Women and children) will promote and promote in society and condemn their victims in clothing to show authority, create fear and gain legitimacy. We call on the international community to put an end to this inhumane act in Afghanistan as soon as possible.

Nasim Kardan

Who are behind the violence and violation of human rights in Afghanistan?

Violation of freedom of expression, assassination of government critics, imprisonment of civil activists, releasing war criminals and terrorists are the most recent news of the national unity government. That is governed by President Ashraf Ghani and some other characters. This report attempts to distinguish the government’s actions against critics of the government (human rights activists, writers, political analysts, and political opponents) and opponents (Taliban) in a comparative manner.
Mohammad Zaman Ahmadi was sentenced with 20 years of imprisonment for writing an article and was accused of blasphemy by the court 7 years ago. He has been imprisoned for 7 years now and no one has opened his case so far. Unlike, the case of Anas Haqani who has been released nevertheless of the fact that he was connected to a terroristic group. Besides him, two other senior members of Haqani network were also released.

Anas Haqani was arrested by the national security of Afghanistan on 16/10/2014. He was accused of killing thousands of civilians and being behind tens of suicide attacks. He was sentenced to be executed however the releasing letters of Anas Haqani and the two other senior members were signed by President Ashraf Ghani after 5 years of imprisonment. It was a deal to secure the elections in areas occupied by the group in Ashraf Ghani’s favor during the elections of 2014.

Another matter that is going on is illegal arresting of Logar Provincial (province in south of Afghanistan) Human Rights Activists and Civil Activists Mr. Musa Mahmoudi (Head of Logar Civil Society) and Ehsanullah Hamidi (Human Rights Activist) by the Afghan directorate of national security. Ehsanullah Hamidi was arrested by national security authorities after he revealed that more than 500 children were sexually exploited by government officials in Logar province.
They are reportedly mistreated and tortured in prison. In contrast, the release of Mawlawi Salahuddin, a senior member of the Taliban, is a new issue that is
controversial as well. He was arrested while traveling to Pakistan on 1/9/2015 then released on 11/6/2019. But according to government officials, he had escaped from prison.
Moreover, the assassination of Wahid Muzhda a political analyst on 22/10/2019 by gunmen who had military uniforms and laser weapons needs to be thought about. He was a critic of the government and sympathized with the Taliban in some cases. According to Asadullah Wahidi another political analyst and his close friend Wahid Muzhda told him he had been threatened to death by the government.
In addition, spending more than 200 million dollars in Ashraf Ghani’s electoral campaign and recruiting human rights abusers and lawbreakers (such as Zardad Faryadi, Nezamuddin Qaisari, Kamran Alizai, Akhtar Mohammad Ebrahim Khel and other criminal figures) proves to be another fact where criticism can be directed at Mr. Ghani. On top of this the source of his expenditure is unclear. Spending such a big amount on campaigns while more than 70% of the Afghan population is under the poverty line is questionable.
So far, no security organization dared to file a corruption case against the Presidential Citadel, because the people who are accused are close to Mr. Ashraf Ghani and nobody can start an inquiry related to these cases. However, it can be assumed that Mr. Ashraf Ghani as a top government official, is involved in all of these cases and is himself a major contributor to human rights abuses, violations of freedom of expression and politicians.

prepared by: Mohammad Elham Nawid Yasini


Say goodbye to democracy in Afghanistan

Musa Mahmoudi, head of Logar province Civil Society

Today Tuesday 26/11/2019 We call the arrest of two human rights activists by the Afghan National Directorate of Security “illegal” and call for their immediate release.

Musa Mahmoudi, head of Logar province Civil Society with a human rights activist detained in Kabul by the Afghan National Directorate of Security, has arrested the two activists in apparent contravention of applicable national law and against accepted human rights standards. Mr Mahmoudi’s relatives and friends say he has disappeared from the security green zone in Kabul four days before and their fate is unknown. The two were detained on November 9 on a visit to the European Union ambassador in Kabul.

We consider the detention of human rights defenders to be in breach of domestic law and international human rights conventions and gross violations of freedom of expression. We are concerned about the torture and persecution of these human rights defenders in the Afghan government’s detention center. Confessing to force and torture and depriving a person of his lawyer is contrary to accepted human rights standards.

Mr. Ashraf Ghani! Instead of punishing human rights defenders, you must support their efforts to expose horrific crimes and prosecute perpetrators of child sexual abuse. Mr Mahmoudi had earlier said he had been threatened after the report was aired.

Mr Mahmoudi reported to the media two weeks before more than 500 allegations of sexual exploitation of children and adolescents, including school children in Logar province, were received, but his comments received positive and negative reactions.

We call on the Afghan government to release these two human rights activists as soon as possible and ensure that they are fully secure.

Nasim Kardan

Ministry of Health of Afghanistan caught in corruption and Immorality illness

The Minister of Public Health, Mr. Firouzuddin Firouz with the Deputy Minister of Public Health, Mr. Fada Mohammad Peykan

Corruption in Afghanistan has reached its peak, especially in main ministries such as the Ministry of Health. I tell you the documentary that shows a great administrative deal of corruption in the Immorality. I am Nasim Kardan (Kabul).

This corruption is at the Ministry of Health headed by the Contagious Disease Control Department for AIDS, Hepatitis and Sexual Assault, a few years ago by a person named Fada Mohammad Peykan, who is currently the Deputy Minister of Public Health and who is involved in corruption in the Ministry. There are many. When Fada Mohammad Peykan was in charge, he used his relatives to run and control his own corruption.

When Fada Mohammed Peykan is appointed by the Ministry of Public Health and the AIDS, Hepatitis and Sexual Assault Office is set to compete to become a capable person, Faddam Mohammad Peykan did not like income from AIDS, Hepatitis and Sexual Assault. He wanted to co-operate with the new Director, but the new Director, Dr Naqibullah Hamdard, rejected his proposal and sought closure of Fada Mohammed Paykan’s income; Deputy Fada Mohammad Peykan and Minister of Public Health Firoozeddin Firouz are unhappy with Naqibullah Hamdard’s work, accusing Mr. Hamdard of corruption and referring him to the General Prosecutor’s Office.

In order for this case to be considered in favor of the General Prosecutor’s Office and the Minister of Public Health, Mr. Firouzuddin Firouz, in cooperation with the Deputy Minister of Public Health, Mr. Fada Mohammad Peykan, the General Attorney’s brother, Mr. Basir Ahmad (Hamidi), in place of Mr. Naqibullah. Hamdard manager of AIDS, Hepatitis and Sexual Assault.

While the case is under investigation by the General Prosecutor’s Office and the Ministry of Health was working to arrest Mr. Hamdard, Mr. Hamdard failed to imprison him; on the contrary, Mr. Hamdard was released because Mr. Naqibullah Hamdard committed any embezzlement and corruption. At the same time, the Minister and Deputy Minister of Public Health of Afghanistan illegally prevented Dr. Naqibullah Hamdard from continuing to oversee AIDS, hepatitis and Sexual Assault, which is against the law if the law is made explicit. One person can only serve three months in another job but in the case of the nine months ago.

It is now AIDS control, hepatitis and Sexual Assault who work, if they work for benefit of Fada Mohammad Peykan, but they have no problem if they are contrary or impartial they thought that human dignity would be dismissed without pay; not even paid for. These people have not received a living wage for eight months; their administrative and Immorality corruption has led to human rights abuses.

We call on the international community, especially the agencies and organizations that are fighting corruption in Afghanistan, to ask the Afghan government why they are behaving in a humane manner with their people and to take action to reach this case as soon as possible.

Afghanistan: the abyss of death for her citizens

According to a Washington Post report which released on October 17 ” The past three months in Afghanistan have been the deadliest for civilians in a decade”
This published report which is quoted by UN shows that nearly 1717 of civilians have been killed while 3139 have been wounded between the period of July and September. In addition, it’s reported that among 8000 of civilian casualties 41% exists of children and women.
This comes as, the casualties of the militaries are over three times more than the mentioned statistic.
The high level of violence in Afghanistan indicates the government’s weakness to secure the citizens security. At the moment, nowhere is secure in Afghanistan and dozens of people die every day due to war caused by the presence of criminal groups throughout Afghanistan.
At the other hand, many human rights activists and journalists are threatened and killed by Taliban, warlords, and some law- breakers on a daily basis.
We call on the government of Afghanistan to prevent the casualties of civilians and threats against journalists and human rights activists, as well as to remain committed in their commitments for the international community.

Reporter: Mohammad Elham ” Nawid Yasini”

Afghanistan’s Presidential Election

In the existence of all ups and downs in the path of going to the pools, people went to the polls and finally the presidential elections toke place on October 28.

Additionally, the campaign started on 28 August and has lasted till 48 hours before the due date of presidential election. Quite notably, in this election 15 candidates have nominated themselves.

From the perspective of the majority wise youth of Afghanistan, the lake or and denial of plans with most of the candidates of presidential election can push and lead the political situation into a total misery in which the evil of discrimination will dominate the plans for well being of all the nation.

Having said that, the inclusion of the politically failed, weak and so-called politicians in most of the candidate’s teams of campaign is an alert that most of these candidates have no plans of wellbeing or lake of economic, political, social, programs etc.

According to reports, 3360 polls centers have been safe and open for people to vote which is 67 % of all poll centers; however, the poll centers which were either in danger or blocked accounted for 2013 which is 37% of all poll centers.

Presidential elections in Afghanistan were lighter than previous rounds, and people’s participation in the process was less reported, citing a few factors that undermined the popularity of the presidential election:

  1. Unbelief in the transparency of the process.
  2. Influence the peace negotiation process with the Taliban.
  3. Security and threats.
  4. Closed polling stations, especially in populous provinces such as Balkh, Faryab, etc.
  5. Disbelief in the capacity of the IEC.
  6. To be disappointed from the results of the last presidential and parliamentary elections.
  7. Postponing the elections several times.
  8. Providing separation of presidential elections from provincial councils.
  9. Lack of modern advertising strategies, including the government and the IEC.
  10. Threats to boycott elections by candidates and populous people.
  11. Technical complications.

As in previous elections, there have been numerous frauds in the past, which make the election a serious crisis.

Seriously of all the Afghan people will be asked to publish rumors that hurt public confidence and transparency in the electoral process to avoid them apart. And the election commission responsible for counting the votes, complaints commission handling, to use the transparency of the process to the best of their ability, so that the results and all teams must respect the rules.

Nasim Kardan

Torture of an Afghan Refugee in Iran

Last week, a video had been released on social media which showed an Afghan citizen being tortured badly in Iran.According to sources the victim who is sixteen years old has been beaten up by the people who belong to Qeshem island municipal (territory of Iran).

This comes as the Iranian Government is already accused of its neglecting behavior regarding discrimination against foreign citizens.
This is a gross human rights violation, we call on the government to investigate this matter seriously and arrest the violators of this case.

Reporter: M. Elham “Nawid Yasini”

Afghanistan the land of death

Picture by Google

“An average of 74 men, women and children were killed every day in Afghanistan throughout the month of August, the BBC has found.” In the final month peace negotiations, 2,307 Afghans died. 473 of these were innocent civilians.

We do so to show the world the reality of the Afghan “peace” talks between the US and the Taliban. While their government was excluded from all peace-making, Afghan citizens and their representative government lost 1,171 people to conflict.

Afghans should NOT be condemned for welcoming the collapse of “peace” agreement that increased their vulnerability yet offered no hope of lasting peace or security.

We should be clear; Afghanistan must have peace. But peace must be determined by the Afghan people, and should have the support of the US government and allies on whose behalf Afghanistan has sacrificed greatly.

Update By Nasim Kardan:

The Security situation in Takhar province of Afghanistan is worrying


After Taliban’s attack on many parts of the northeastern province Takhar the security situation became extremely worrying. The Taliban have intensified their attack on other districts since they conquered the district Yangi Qala.
The residents who have left their houses due to war fear, state that the Taliban have gained control over all districts except the districts buildings. But the fight between governmental soldiers and insurgence are still going on.
This comes as the president and chief executive of Afghanistan are busy with their electoral campaign.
Due to the intensified war people were forced to leave their houses and villages however many couldn’t flee and are still trapped in war zones.
Therefore, we call on all the parties in conflict to respect humanitarian law and prevent civilians to become victims of war.

Mohmmad Elham “Nawid Yasini”

Prison for thought

Until a few weeks ago, I didn’t know that anyone wrote an article and condemned years ago; Zaman Ahmadi, in October 2012, after wrote an article on Bamyan’s Buddhism and comparing idolatry with other religions, still The destruction of the Buddha in Bamyan province, Afghanistan, is an ancient monument. Before his writing is published, agents are arrested. Then he was transfer to the Western Kabul province Prosecutor’s Office. He is unjustly accused of “apostasy and insulting the sacred religion of Islam” and he was found guilty at a preliminary court hearing and has now been held in Pulcharkhi’s prison for nearly seven years. Zaman Ahmadi is a 40-year-old man with two daughters, Mojgan and Zohal. Mojgan is 15-year-old, she has never seen his father more than twice in seven years. “I wish my father would be released and go to shopping together,” says Mojgan, who doesn’t remember when his father was arrested. And Zohal 13-year-old, Ahmadi’s daughter, she misses her father and wishes her father would be released. I would like to remind you that Mr. Ahmadi does not have access to his lawyer and his visit to prison is very difficult.

Ahmadi will spend seven years in prison and will remain in prison for another 13 years. The prosecution, detention, imprisonment, and execution of dissidents in Afghanistan have a very scandalous history, from monarchy to republican, democratic, Islamic, Emirati, Transitional government, and national unity government.

We call on Amnesty International to take this tragic case seriously and to condemn the decision of the Afghan government against Mr. Ahmadi.

Nasim Kardan: Kabul, Afghanistan.

The time has come to launch a Transitional Justice project in Afghanistan

Ms. Benafsheh Yaghobi

While supporting the recent changes in the leadership of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission, we are ready to cooperate fully in the implementation of justice, the development of democracy, the equality of women and men, and civil rights.

Among the selection of members of the Afghanistan Human Rights Commission, the name of Ms. Benafsheh Yaghobi is a familiar name for human rights organizations and defenders.

Ms. Benafsheh has done a great deal for justice, equality and service to the needy in her country. On March 16, 2018, she was accredited by a total of 7 individuals and institutions working for the promotion of democracy, human rights and the fight against poverty. Belgian’s Independent Human Rights Organization.

Belgian’s Independent Human Rights Organization works to promote democracy and human rights in third world countries, including Afghanistan.

We are willing to give Mrs. Yaqubbi a joint commitment to human rights and bring human rights abusers and war criminals to the courts.

Nasim Kardan

Zohre wish to re-live

Zohre’s picture in the hospital South Korea

With great effort and goodwill, we have achieved a good result. First of all, we want to thank the people. In this regard, our humanitarian community helped us. Zohre, who was spray acid by her husband one year ago, in this resulted she loss all face and beauty. But we hope that she can take over her face again. It should be noted that we had already written about the problems of Zohre.

Zohre was officially sent to South Korea on 18/06/2019 after an attempt by our colleagues to prepare for surgery. Today, this great work owes to the people who respond positively to our demands. Saving one life is to save humanity.

Regrettably, the Afghan government has not given us any physical and spiritual helped in this regard. If the governments to their people they serve.

Report by Nasim Kardan

The Challenges of Afghan Youth in Conversation with Fahim Fetrat

Fahem Fetrat a young, political and civil activist:

Greetings to you and thanks to the Belgian Human Rights Organization, which is active in a difficult situation in Afghanistan for the promotion of human rights and the promotion of social justice and the development of democracy.

I am Fahem Fetrat. I was born in Panjshir province, Afghanistan, in 1985 and completed my education until graduate level in International, Public Administration and Governance. When I was studying, I was simultaneously involved in journalism and for decades I was a national and international Medias.

Since the beginning of 2015, my political and civil activities began. Of course, in a new phase in those years, I stand up to social inequalities, defending human rights and injustice in the community, and I am still active in politics and for managing meetings and gatherings have been held along with people that are still ongoing. I am Nasim Kardan; I opened the conversation like this.

Mr. Fetrat is a Political Leader?

In answer: I am not a member of any party because in Afghanistan we do not have a modern and comprehensive national party, but we set up a large organization that is a Jonbesh Gozar that has not been registered yet. The Jonbesh Gozar is a democratic and justice movement that has been formed to create a single group of all the Afghan people, especially the youth, in order to keep People come together under one place, if they are run by the Government of Afghanistan and other political institutions and ethnic groups and A system of injustice takes place. The same people and young people can submit their requests from a specific address. It can also be a new political figure in the new Afghanistan.

Talk about the Jonbesh Rastakhez Taghir, What is the flow and structure of individuals and institutions?

Answer: The Jonbesh Rastakhez Taghir was another group that emerged from the popular community of the massive bomb blast on May 31, 2018, in front of the German’s embassy in Kabul, which killed and injured 800 people. The Jonbesh Rastakhez Taghir did not an organized movement due to an accident. The government’s incompetence caused the Jonbesh Rastakhez Taghir as the people saw that the security and economic conditions are getting worse day by day. People bored ended. People finally came to the roads and raised their voices. Because one of the duties of the government is to provide security to the citizens, which must be secured and the people defend their rights. And in response to the government, they answered the people with violence and opened fire to the people and came with tanks and bulletproof cars. We came to the roads for the second time. The reason for our coming again on the roads was that in the pursuit of litigation for security and for soliciting the blood of our colleagues who had lost their lives, it was the Jonbesh Rastakhez Taghir was made and fought for 20 days to raise the voice of justice and defend human rights and democracy on the road. 45 people had the leadership of this group, with 45 different parties and groups, with a common view that we were able to stand against an incompetent, corrupt and failed system … now that more than one month from the legal life of this government has passed, but Still governs. While the government is working for a specific people, it’s just for a particular people, not for all the people of Afghanistan, the Afghan government has divided people, which is a disparity in Afghanistan’s political history. Meanwhile, Afghan capital investment, escaping youth, and displacing people into Western countries have escaped. In politics, the government, which wants peace with the Taliban, cannot peace with themselves. First, they need to peace with themselves, it is difficult for his first deputy to peace with his executive director, and he has problems with the ministers. The government on behalf of a patient’s group rootless and yet so greedy for power and absolute failure. People will not be compensated for the bad governance of the government that has suffered for a long time. Over the past five years, a hundred thousand security forces have lost their lives, besides tens of thousands of civilians killed; all this comes back to the mismanagement of the national unity government of all of our people. There are many reports on human rights abuses.

Nasim: What is your source of litigation? Political? Human and civil? Or any other request?

Fahim Fetrat: I would like to mention a few examples of litigation that I have done:

  1. Litigation to release the captives of civilians who were abducted by the Taliban in Ghazni in western of Afghanistan.
  2. Litigation for the Hazara’s people killed by the Taliban, we were together with other movements.
  3. We appealed for identity to be respected for the identity of people any ethnicity, and we were somewhat successful.

Wherever injustice has taken place Jonbesh Gozar, it has been a step forward to defend the rights of citizens. We have not been involved with any political groups; we only acted to pick up silent voices. Because we have done these things to defend human rights, women’s rights, social justice and the development of democracy.

Nasim: Where do you get financial and spiritual support?

Fahim said: Our supporters are spiritually of our people and our youth, which is more valuable to us and in the financial support section, people and those who believe in the principles of human rights, citizenship rights, citizenship and democracy, are funded. And we support. We are very pleased that people trust us. We are also collecting rights in our institution that we represent in 13 provinces of Afghanistan and we collect all members of it.

Nasim: Which national issues do you complain about? Do you respect the wishes and demands of the government?

In reply, Fahim said: “We have always pleaded for political social justice. For the sake of national unity, the ongoing civil war in Afghanistan has been the main reason for the Powerfulness of Governments and parties to make people separate from these groups.” Even the Taliban is at war with the government for this reason.

Question of the Nasim: How does the government react to what you stand against them?

The answer is: We have not seen any response from the Afghan government as a civil political process against the government. For the Afghan government to be a tyrannical government that does not recognize any political group or political party as an opposition. The opposition has no right what the constitution says for the opposition. But with all these challenges, we again stood against the government and defended our people’s right and will continue to do so.

Nasim: Human and civil institutions that are active in Afghanistan to work with you or not? If that is how cooperation? If not, why not?

Fahim replied: “The litigation that we have done on the roads, these litigation, were in sync with other civil institutions, because we are in the same position as democracy.” However, we cannot work with all these institutions and organizations as most of these organizations have lost their trust and confidence among people because most of these institutions are project-oriented and not independent, and on the other hand Institutions have been drowned in corruption.

Question of Nasim: What is your opinion about human rights in Afghanistan? Does the Afghan Human Rights Institution have the potential to fight war criminals and human rights abusers?

Fahim said: Afghanistan’s human rights are not a national organization. The organization is more of a family institution than a national organization. Who is at the head of the organization? The human person herself cannot provide human rights within the organization. How can he defend the rights and freedoms of all the people of Afghanistan? If you go to this organization, you will find that 70% of their employees are close to the head of organization, which is no different either in Kabul or in Afghanistan. At the same time, the organization has been used by the hands of powerful, politicians and governments. The situation of human rights violators list and the list of those are still people in our field trials have not issued. They respect the force, even in the days when hundreds people are killed, they do not raise their voice for a while, and we consider the reasons for this to be political.

I asked: Was the Afghan government planning for the development of democracy and human rights?

Fahim, in answer to my question, has not done anything for a truly democratic government and the true democracy of the Afghan government; and the definition of democracy we have is the choice of the system by the people, for the people, which, unfortunately, this government has not come from the beginning, against and up to now to be continued. They have not done anything for democracy, but have moved against democracy. If it was not a drag at least one of the criminals to justice, we do not have such a thing if some of these criminals admit to their own language (we had some bombs and suicide bombers), the government still did not act has not done. The time when some human rights abusers are peaceful with the Afghan government and people complain to the same people and complain to the UN Office and the international human rights institutions even for the Afghan government are closed without access. Now these people have the best of life in the best houses with national money in the capital.

The last question: Do people in Afghanistan know anything about human rights and civil rights? Has Afghan Civil and Human Rights Institutions worked well in this direction?

And the answer to me is: there are still people in the government who have no belief in the values ​​of democracy; only people are struggling through the media that uphold the values ​​of democracy and attempt to institutionalize human rights and civil rights. They have become aware of democracy. But the government is aware of its continuing strength in tribal politics, which is totally contrary to human rights and civil rights. An example of this policy is the Peace Consultative Tribal Jirga if we have Parliament and the Senate. This means instead of inviting people to the rights of citizens, on the contrary, they take people against democracy. These Jirga are an old and tribal tradition in Afghanistan. The government of Afghanistan is afraid of institutionalizing democracy, because if the people become aware of their full rights, the government will fail.

And the ending of Fahem Fetrat a young, political and civil activist:

In the end, I am grateful to you for working in this bad social and political situation for human rights, and I urge the international community, especially human rights organizations, not to give up the support of young people and women because they are having difficulty but They stand for the struggle against oppression and tyranny.

Police in Afghanistan holds field court

Police in remote region areas which are far from city centers, especially, in villages hold field courts for people in Afghanistan. It is said that the police misuses his authorities by killing civilians for personal issues in different accusations. Recently, two cases of murder of civilians in two districts like Balkh district of Balkh province and Warsaj district of Takhar province (Northern provinces in Afghanistan) has been filed. The families of these victims claimed that their sons were killed without any reasonable arguments.
In the northern province of Balkh two civilians who were brothers, were killed by police while they were getting some loafs of bread from the bakery. The policemen who were riding in a police car shot them death and escaped from the area without any fear. Another case is in Takhar Northern Province of Afghanistan, which is about a young boy who has been killed by the police in front of his family in his residence. He was accused of supporting and working for insurgents. The families of these victims went to the police administration to write and register their complaints but nobody listened to their complaints. It seems that the police misuses his authorities and kills innocent civilians.
According to the penal code of Afghanistan, the police has only the right to arrest and introduce the suspects to the judicial organizations. Investigating and implementing of penalty are only the duties of judicial organizations not of the police administration. So killing or holding filed court for either guilty or innocent people by police administration is gross human rights violation and should be prevented by the Afghan government.

Reporter: Mohammad Elham Nawid Yasini