The Most Prominent Journalist and Civil Activist Was Assassinated in Kabul

Yama Siawash, a prominent Afghan journalist and civil society activist, was killed in a terrorist attack on a car carrying him with his two colleagues in this morning.
Over the past week, Afghanistan has witnessed the deadliest attacks in which dozens of Afghans have lost their lives. The Taliban have been active in most of these attacks, and the Afghan government has so far had no practical plan to prevent the killing of civilians other than to condemn them.

Targeting journalists is a gross violation of human rights and is considered a crime against humanity. Belgian Independent Global Human Rights Organization strongly condemns today’s attack and calls on the Afghan government to identify the perpetrators and prosecute them as soon as possible.

Reporter: Mohammad Elham NAWID YASINI

Terrorist Attack On the Largest Educational Center in Afghanistan

Yesterday, November 02, 2020, a number of assailants allegedly affiliated with the ISIS terrorist group attacked to Kabul University Afghanistan ‘s largest educational center in Kabul. They shot the students in the courtyard and inside their classrooms.
It is believed more than 80 people were killed and injured in this attack.
Although ISIL has claimed responsibility, but security agencies in Kabul blame the Taliban and the Haqqani Network for the attack. This comes as that the peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban is going on in Doha to end 40 years of violence in Afghanistan.
But unfortunately, however with the start of peace talking, it was expecting that war parties would agree to a ceasefire and level of violence would be reduced, but on the contrary, since the start of the talks, nearly 1,000 civilians, including women and children, have lost their lives in different attacks of Taliban.
Attacking educational institutions is a gross violation of human rights and the humanitarian laws of war and it is considered crime against humanity.
Among the terrorist groups in Afghanistan, the Taliban have the largest population and in the country, and the majority of deadly attacks in the cities and government and non-government institutions are carried out by this savage group. Although the group has a peace treaty with the United States, but their attacks on the Afghan government and civilians are intolerable and unjustifiable.
BIGHRO strongly condemns the attack on Kabul University with the strongest words and called on the international community, especially the United States, to boycott the Taliban terrorist group and force them to make peace with the Afghan government.

Reporter: Mohammad Elham NAWID YASINI

The mass migration of Hindus and Sikhs from Afghanistan

The mass migration of Hindus and Sikhs from Afghanistan and now from Ghazni province in this country shows the failure of the Afghan government to take care of their human rights and citizenship, especially their right to life.

The Government of Afghanistan is committed to protect the rights of minorities under national and international law. They have been in a state of emergency for a long time.

Expressing deep concern and regrettably, the Belgian Independent Global Human Rights Organization calls on the Government of Afghanistan to seriously and effectively protect the rights of Hindu and Sikh their citizens. We also call for an end to the war, which is the main cause of the catastrophe and destruction of this country, so that the citizens are not further victimized, harmed and forced to leave their country.

report by Nasim Kardan

The war in Helmand, Afghanistan has left thousands of women and children homeless

Civilians must be allowed safe passage out of Lashkar Gah following three days of intense fighting between Afghan government and Taliban forces that has blocked all exit routes from the city and forced at least 35,000 people to flee their homes, said Amnesty International.

The heavy fighting, in which Afghan forces supported by US airstrikes are defending the Helmand Province capital from a Taliban assault, has taken out power across the entire city as well as telephone lines and internet access.

With nowhere to go, some of the tens of thousands displaced are reported by local media to have sought refuge in homes in neighboring areas, while hospitals have admitted hundreds of civilian casualties.

The situation for civilians in Lashkar Gah is grave and could deteriorate rapidly in the coming days. Tens of thousands of people are trapped in the middle of a bloody battle that shows no sign of abating.

To avoid this turning into a humanitarian disaster, both parties to the conflict must ensure that civilians are protected and allowed to safely leave the war zones and get out of the city.

We call on the Government of Afghanistan and the international community to ensure immediate shelter, food and other humanitarian assistance to the displaced, and call on the parties to the conflict to stop hostilities in civilian areas to prevent civilian casualties.

So far, there has been no response from the Government of Afghanistan to any support provided to civilians, especially displaced persons, which raises our concerns, and we urge the Government of Afghanistan to act as soon as possible to support the displaced.

report: Nasim Kardan

Number of Afghan Human Rights and Civil Rights Activists Praised by BIGHRO IN Afghanistan







Belgian Independent Human Rights delegation of appreciation letters ceremony was held on date 12/9/2020 with the participation of Mr. Rasooli chairman of BIGHRO, prominent human and civil rights activities and number of individuals from international organization, at Kabul Serena Hotel in Kabul (capital of Afghanistan).
At this ceremony, the following individuals received letters of appreciation from the Belgian Independent Human Right Organization for their services in the field of human rights, development of democracy, protection of women right, freedom of expression and effort to alleviate poverty.
1- Zaman Ahmadi prominent author and human right activist.
2- Doctor Atifa Tayeb civil activist and human right activist.
3- Khatera Shikhani women’s rights activist and civil activist.
4- Fakhunda Zahra Naderi women’s rights activist.
5- Youth Institute for Peace.
At the end of the ceremony, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Belgian Independent Human Right Organization and Prosperous Afghanistan Program institution to advance common goals. In the framework of this memorandum, the two sides agreed on joint cooperation in the field of human rights, development of democracy and poverty alleviation.


Takhar (The Safe Haven for Illegal Gunmen in the Northeast of Afghanistan)

The province of Takhar (the province in the northeast of Afghanistan) is one of those provinces which is famous by having illegal armed forces. Beside the security threats from the terroristic groups such as Talib and ISIS, which have made living difficult for the residents of this province, the tyranny of the illegal armed forces have also narrowed the living space for the resident of Takhar.
The presence of prominent local figures such as commander Khal Mohammad, Commander Sakhi, and other people are the main reasons that why Takhar residents consider their province to be in the hands of powerful local forces.
Mostly, the things which bother these residents is the committing of crimes which are committed by illegal gunmen every day. But the local government is unable to control it. Crimes such as murder, robbery, kidnapping, beatings, forced marriages, raping on women and children and drug trafficking to central Asia countries are the issues that made this province one of the insecure provinces in the north zone.
Residents says it’s been 10 years that insecurity have been continuing by both sides either terroristic groups or local illegal gunmen. They blame the government and the security officials in providing security for the civilians in this provinces.
They believe that the illegal gunmen commit crime by supporting of high- ranking governments officials, otherwise they are not enable to do so.

Reporter: M. Elham NAWID YASINI

UN Calls on Afghan Government to Protect Human Rights Defenders

Recently, UN in publication called on Afghan Government to protect human rights defense’s lives seriously. In this publication a human rights- expert of UN regretted for killing of numerous human rights defenders in several provinces of Afghanistan, such as Herat, Ghazni and Zabul (the provinces in west, Est and center zones in Afghanistan). he said killing of human rights defenders is a big tragedy.
United Nation believes that the protection of human rights defenders is the government’s responsibility and calls on Afghan government to take fundamental action for the Afghan-Human Rights defenders.
The publication is being published while the human rights- defender casualties’ statics has been increased since the beginning of 2020. the majority of human rights defenders in Afghanistan believe that the reasons behind targeting the human rights defenders are the people’s misunderstandings and extremism views. They think the illiteracy is the only reason for growing extremism thinks in Afghanistan, and blame the government for not doing enough to reduces illiteracy in this country.
Belgian Independent Global Human Rights Organization also call on the Afghan government to take the necessary measures to protect human rights defenders lives and prosecute who commit violation against human rights defenders.

Reporter: M. Elham NAWID YASINI

How the author was accused of blasphemy?

Zaman Ahmadi

The deepening of inequalities in various economic, social, scientific, and even political sectors destroys justice and equality of opportunity for members of society to access valuable resources and superior positions, and individuals and groups to rank and be close. Or avoid resources of wealth and power.

Strengthening the sense of social inequality among members of a society will lead to the promotion of violence and conflict in society. Disagreement in social cohesion among people fade away and give way to hypocrisy and enmity. There will be a kind of anger caused by differences in individuals that will affect social ties and break up individual and collective relationships. At first glance, social inequality may seem insignificant in macroeconomic and social structures, but its effects are an important issue in distribution structures because they affect the lower strata of society and gradually spread to other strata. Opportunities and justice seem to be available to them.

Social inequality directly overshadows social relations and leads society to mistrust, isolation, and lawlessness. Therefore, the first effort of planners and policy makers should be to establish justice in job, educational, cultural, welfare and recreational opportunities for all citizens, otherwise the gaps created by inequalities in society will increase day by day.

Today, I am Nasim Kardan, look at one of the inequalities of justice in Afghanistan, and I would like to introduce the person who is trapped in this inequality, how he has fallen into this trap and has endured this human persecution for a long time. Eight years ago, a man was convicted of blasphemy and sentenced to 20 years in prison after writing an unpublished article about the destruction of Buddha statues in Bamyan. A court in Kabul has sentenced him to 20 years in prison. Whose crime has not yet been proven.

The author, who is accused of blasphemy, introduced himself as follows:

I was born in the village of Malistan in Afghanistan’s Ghazni province and currently lives in Kabul. My name is Zaman Ahmadi and I also have a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Dari (Persian) Literature and information about jurisprudence and law.

Question: How do you experience the social difference between going to prison and after prison? Answer: There are many differences in the traditional society of Afghanistan, for example, after I get caught in every judicial body that I refer to, I am forced to read and fulfill Islamic principles; However, they have no information about my case. This action is repeated many time and again, for me it is simple in appearance but convince them this is for me very painful. At the time of arrest, I was severely tortured mentally and physically so that I could not confess to the crime; Even the judge threatened to kill me.

Question: What is your view of the community after your imprisonment? Answer: Some people look at me they persecution, which for me is very annoying. And in between my previous friends do not have to see my former position as I consider an infidel. Even when I was released from prison, no one came to my house because of me; Only my intellectual friends, whom I met through social media, came to visit me. I no longer have that previous social status; no one will even job for me so that I can make a living for my family. I am not satisfied with the administration of justice in the Afghan courts because they have sentenced me in my absence and without a lawyer, and they have decided to break the law about me, which has broken and angered me. And without any guilt, I spent eight years in prison.

Question: What is your request to the Afghan government and international human rights organizations? Answer: I call on the Afghan government and international human rights organizations to seek justice so that they do not remain silent in the face of this inequality. Because I have not committed any crime and I spent eight years in prison for not having a crime, this injustice has caused me and my family not to compensate for this great loss for years.

Memory of Afghanistan’s largest prison: When I was in the second block of the prison and was attacked by one of commanders of the Taliban terrorist group, he named Ahmad Shah Kandahari, and his subordinates, I was beaten for being a Christian.

Ahmadi wants international human rights organizations and Amnesty International to take my case seriously, as my life in Afghanistan is in danger of death.

While overseeing the trial, the Belgian Independent Global Human Rights Organization urges the judiciary in Afghanistan! In order to avoid a fair decision regarding the case of Mr. Ahmadi, they should refrain from political and religious interference. We also urge the Afghan government to be responsible for the security of Ahmadi and his family.

for more information:

killing of immigrants is considered crime against humanity

Recently, 56 Afghan workers who had entered to Iran through the common border areas between Afghanistan, Iran and Turkmenistan, they were arrested by Iranian border guards and thrown into the sea after being beaten, which a result, 26 people of them lost their life.

It should be noted that this is not only the first time that Iranian border guards are committing such a heinous and inhume acts, but, they have been committed such crimes in the past too.

Belgian Independent Global Human Rights Organization strongly condemn this act of Iranian border guards, and call on United Nations and Afghan government to take this issue seriously with Iranian government.

Reporter: M. Elham NAWID YASINI

Are Afghan women optimistic about Peace with Taliban?

It has been 18 years since the collapse of a regime when women were being defined by their rights and identity in the four walls of the home and the internal responsibilities of family and kitchen, and it was the Taliban political system or their government that kept women in the houses for more than half a decade and had experienced hardship. They were deprived of the right to work abroad, to be educated in school and university, which is known today as the greatest achievement of women.
Now that 18 years have passed since then, Afghan women have achieved the greatest. They go to school to learn pre-education; then they go to university to be active in various fields such as politics, economics, technology, security, health…etc., to shape the future of their country. What was impossible for them in the past and was just a dream. Now that hundreds of legal materials and women’s rights organizations are working to support and protect women, as well as recognizing women as half of society who have equal rights without any discrimination from men side, it is no longer a dream and the accepted objective reality of Afghanistan today is on the side of other achievements for women.
Although the lack of practical shortcomings of the government to support and highlight the status of women cannot be ignored, it seems that all these achievements with all their shortcomings are today the red line for women in any political transaction which is supposed to make the future of the country’s political system; and would not trad able ever.
However, the questions that arise are whether women will support peace with the Taliban? In other words, are women ready to accept the post-peace Emirati regime to end violence? In general, what is their perspective on the peace perspective with the Taliban?
Peace which is a lost and a chronic long-wish of every Afghan citizen, which many people are counting for the moments to come true their wish, but it is discussing while the Taliban is the mean side of the peace reconciliations. Taliban, the group that has made the darkest period in its history by displaying an unprecedented extremist hostility to Afghan women during their regime.
With this situation, Afghan women, who have the worst and most horrific experiences of the Taliban in the past, on the one hand accept this peace to end the suicide bombing and on the other hand consider peace as the biggest threat against them. Because they see the Taliban as a great risk to themselves, given the nearly two decades of history and the group’s actions so far that have led to the stoning of thousands of women and children, and are reluctant to change the group’s minds. And the Taliban have exacerbated this insecurity of women in the negotiations between the Americans and the country’s political leaders. Because when they are always asked about women’s rights, their answer is simply, “We recognize women’s rights according to Islamic law,” without explaining whether the same law that defined women’s rights 18 years ago? Or this law is different from that past law. According to women, the Taliban have always seen the media as promoting prostitution and described freedom of speech as a means of promoting infidelity and atheism. This indicates that the group has not changed its mind after 18 years. Women who do not believe in a change of the Taliban are pessimistic about peace with the Taliban. However, they see peace as a serious need and stress that the Taliban must comply with the demands of the Afghan people and stop fighting violence.

Prepared by: M. Elham NAWID YASINI

The beginning of a tragedy catastrophe in Afghanistan

Photo from Google, Health workers

Today, the whole world is paralyzed by the corona-virus (Cavid 19), because it has taken the whole world by surprise, and now, a few months later, the virus is still killing thousands of people a day around the world. However, the victims of this monster have become more than one million people.

Now, April/ 5/ 2020, report from Nasim (Kardan) Kabul, Afghanistan.

But Afghanistan, in addition to other countries’ preparations, has not taken any measures to combat the virus, which has caused concern among the population. Except for publicist works such as:

The presence of the officials of the Ministry of Public Health of Afghanistan and the Special Committee for Combating Violence of Corona-virus, led by the Vice President Sarwar (Danesh) in the media and some issues that people are already aware of, very little publicity for better awareness. So that all different segments of Afghan society can protect themselves against this dangerous virus. Building a hospital in a few days or weeks is far from wise management and the Afghan government does not have this ability because we have hospitals in Afghanistan that do not have any kind of service system that has lost facilities at this time. Unfortunately, the authorities do not have the ability to manage Afghanistan’s resources.

Seeing one of the hundreds of hospitals called Ibn-e-Sina in (Kabul) and visiting this hospital, I realized that this hospital does not have any kind of preparation to fight with this virus. Here are some important examples:

  1. No specific plan for corona-virus infection.
  2. No training for health workers and administrative staff to prevent the virus.
  3. Lack of measures for the health of hospital staff.
  4. Lack of respiratory and technical equipment to fight the virus.
  5. Not equipping employees with special clothes, gloves, masks, glasses, etc.
  6. There are no special foods for patients with Cavid 19.
  7. Lack of washing liquid, special handkerchiefs for handles, clean disinfectant feet and spraying the hospital courtyard.
  8. Lack of advertising materials to inform the general public.

Now, instead of building a new hospital, the virus will not give us the opportunity to build a hospital, and the Afghan government will not be able to build a standard hospital in the short time, so it would be better to equip these hospitals. This shows that the leadership of the Ministry of Public Health is immersed in corruption and does not have a specific plan to fight the corona-virus. And the Corona Virus Special Commission is not a professional people who can predict the catastrophe, according to the latest figures released by the Afghan Ministry of Public Health. The number of people infected with the corona-virus has reached 309.

Afghanistan is in dire need of sound health management away from any kind of corruption because the virus is spreading in big cities like Kabul. The Afghan Ministry of Public Health, headed by Mr. Ferozuddin (Feroz), lacks a healthy program and leadership.

We call on the international community:

  1. UNDP
  2. USAID – United States Agency of International Development
  3. WB – World Bank
  4. EC – European Commission
  5. JICE – Japan International Cooperation Agency
  6. GF – Global Found
  7. UNFPA – United Nations Population Found
  8. WHO – World Health Organization
  9. UNICEF – United Nations International Children’s Emergency
  10. CIDA – Canadian International Development Agency

The countries and aid organizations for Afghanistan, to reconsider in this regard to prevent a human tragedy catastrophe in Afghanistan.

A deadly attack on Sikh worship place in Afghanistan

Afghan Sikhs Which rescued by Afghan Forces

Due to a deadly terrorist attack on a Sikh worship place in Kabul province (the capital of Afghanistan) 33 civilians have been killed and wounded. This attack today -morning on date March 25 around 8am was began when dozens of Sikhs were worshiping.
Although the cause and motivation for the attack is not clear yet, but some people link it to the religious conflicts between Hindu extremists and Muslims in India which are going on at the moment.
Apart from the cause and motivation of this attack, what is important to note is the weakness and inability of the government and security agencies in securing the security of citizens, which cannot prevent such anti-human attacks. On the other hand, political divisions among Afghan political leaders have also led security agencies to engage in political issues rather than focus on the security of Afghan citizens.
Citizens of Afghanistan are strongly concerned about the creation of parallel governments and consider the causes of insecurity to be political divisions among political leaders. They call on the government to end these divisions and pay attention to the security of citizens.
Belgian Independent Global Human Rights Organization (BIGHRO) strongly condemns this attack and call the government to pay attention to the security of its citizens and protect the life and rights of the minorities in this country. we also urge the political leaders to end their political differences and prevent Afghanistan from going into more crisis.

Reporter: M. Elham Nawid Yasini

A Prominent Civil Rights Activist Was Arrested by Pakistan’s Police last night

Manzoor pashteen that he is one of famous human rights and civil rights activists and also the leader of Pashtoon Thaffuz Movement (PTM) in Pakistan, was arrested by Pakistan’s police last night.
PTM is a completely peaceful movement that fights for restoring of minorities rights and preventing their killing by Pakistani government.
Belgian Independent Global Human Rights Organizations strongly condemns this illegal action of Pakistan’ police and call on the Pakistani government to release immediately Mr. Pashteen from custody.
The international community, Human rights organizations and Amnesty International are also urged to put necessary pressures on Pakistani government and call on the Pakistani government to release the leader of PTM from custody and do not prevent the activities of human rights and civil rights activists in Pakistan.

Reporter: M. Elham NAWID YASINI

Please support women’s breathing right in Afghanistan

Women in Afghanistan not only are deprived from their fundamental rights but also it is very hard for them to breathe easily.
This issue relevant to existing of extremist group and people who are misogynist and trying to suffocate the voice of women and make them imprisonment in their home. Recently establishing of an office under name of (Administration for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice) by an extremist scholar Mujib Rahman Ansari in Herat province (western province in Afghanistan) is a simple example of this matter. He due to his influence and power is working hard to make veil- wearing (Hejab) compulsory and collect the people by his religious school student who committed crime to impose Hudud (hard religion punishment of Islamic law) on them. He threats women through local medias every day by stressing to implementation of Hudud.
This matter has deeply concerned the women of Herat and they do not have the courage to stand up against Ansari’s threats and remarks.
Ignoring some women rights including preventing them from appearing in public and threatening them with a journalistic job, are the cases that Ansari wants women to be deprived.
However, the government has been silent in this regard and has not instituted any legal action against Mr. Ansari yet. Extremist groups are usually supported by Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia to promote extremism in Afghanistan.
It should be noted that some Afghan Leader who also benefit from the financial resources of these countries are completely silent in such cases and pretend that there is no such thing at all.
Afghan civil and human rights activist insist that if the government continues to silence around Mr. Ansari and other extremist groups, it will not be too late for us to see extremist groups sharper than Taliban and ISIS in Afghanistan and being witness for nail- biting on democracy’s half-life coffin.

We urge European countries, which are trying to institutionalize democracy in Afghanistan and fund the Afghan government for this purpose, to put pressure on the Afghan government to bring the agents of extremism and violence in justice and do not let anyone dare to threat Afghan women again.

Reporter: M. Elham NAWID YASINI

Supporting human rights abusers and having a partnership with them in the important national processes is disparagement of democratic values

Mr. Ashraf Ghani is expected to respect the principles of democracy and pay attention to it more than anyone else. Despite having followed education in the Western world he seems to work in the contrary, because he actually violates in most cases the human rights and infringes the significant process of the democratic values during the political campaigns.
For instance, supporting human rights abusers indirectly by hiring them to join electoral campaigns in aim to obtain more votes. General Malik is one of those figures, he is accused of murdering over 5000 war prisoners after a coalition with the Taliban in 1998.

Moreover, he and his two brothers Mr. Rasool Pahlawan and Mr. Gul Mohammad Pahlawan have committed a great amount of crimes and human rights violation in the past as well. From having personal jails to forced marriages, rape, expropriation of public properties and killing innocent people.Instead of bringing them in front of the court, Mr. Ashraf Ghani the president of Afghanistan supports them and brought them to his electoral campaign. They are even supposed to be hired in the next cabinet of Afghanistan’s government after the Presidential elections.

However, it seems that Mr. Ghani is not committed to any principles of democracy and he is ready to do anything for his victory in the elections. Even if it means to have agreements with such inhuman criminals and create safe heavens on earth for them. Nevertheless, it doesn’t seem to bother the President at all.

Reporter: M. Elham Nawid Yasini

Afghanistan Death Square for Women and Children

Afghan women

Most sex offenders can only be sexually aroused when the victim is frightened and humiliated; sexual intercourse is less important. There seems to be a specific reason for the increasing incidence of rape in a society with an Islamic state and structure. In this note I discuss the reasons for the increase in rape within the framework of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Victims of rape:

Almost certainly, women and children are the first and most victims of rape in Afghan society – women who make up half of the population and children who are to be the future of Afghanistan.

Most women who are raped want to get out of this situation and do not want to go through the offensive stages of “medical examination”, “police interrogation” and court hearings, and so on.

In Islamic Republic penal code, violators are usually not convicted solely on the basis of “testimony of the victim”. Therefore, there must also be confirmatory evidence from others – evidence of penetration, aggressive identity, and the fact that proximity occurred without the consent of the woman. Documentation is usually difficult to obtain if the crime is found on a dark alley or street without identifying the accused. Much of the rape does not happen instantaneously, but is partly pre-planned.

Rape, Systematic Method of Islamic State

Rape in the prisons of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The fact is that rape has always been used in the Islamic Republic as a means of entertainment and income for prisoners, especially female prisoners.

Rape may take place for the torture and destruction of prisoners, or for other reasons. Since rape has a very devastating effect on the morale and psychology of the victims and also embarrasses them, so few victims are willing to interview the media and have somehow sought refuge and seclusion.

There have been numerous reports of rape. Sometimes there is moral corruption in the citadel of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan!

And sometimes the sexual abuse of girls in the Football Federation!

Sometimes the ugly news of women’s prison and sometimes the rape of children, sometimes by the mullahs and sometimes by teachers!

Rape is at the heart of science at universities, safe-homes that should be safe for women, but most safe-homes are unsafe because there is rape too!

When the office of the rich president is violated, local governments are not ignorant!

Key ministries such as the Ministry of Interior and Defense, the Ministry of Public Health, and the country’s hospitals such as Sardar Mohammad Dawod Khan rape group.

Sometimes there is a man named Asadullah Khalid minister of defense, and sometimes a person’s masterpiece is called Karamuddin sometimes President Ashraf Ghani’s advisers make a loud noise ….

On the latest shameful reports in Logar province schools!


It seems that with the coming of the Islamic Republic under this government, it has passed through all the spiritual and human sacrifices of the Afghan people like a terrible storm and has left nothing to the next generation. From the collapse of the family, to the moral decline of society.

Such a society will, along with themselves, bring all human values ​​to the lowest level of moral and human virtues. The Islamic Republic’s action to counter this inhumane act (rape) will not only end this vicious cycle of violence, but will continue to resort to violence, in the form of “sexual assault” on the most vulnerable people in society. (Women and children) will promote and promote in society and condemn their victims in clothing to show authority, create fear and gain legitimacy. We call on the international community to put an end to this inhumane act in Afghanistan as soon as possible.

Nasim Kardan

Who are behind the violence and violation of human rights in Afghanistan?

Violation of freedom of expression, assassination of government critics, imprisonment of civil activists, releasing war criminals and terrorists are the most recent news of the national unity government. That is governed by President Ashraf Ghani and some other characters. This report attempts to distinguish the government’s actions against critics of the government (human rights activists, writers, political analysts, and political opponents) and opponents (Taliban) in a comparative manner.
Mohammad Zaman Ahmadi was sentenced with 20 years of imprisonment for writing an article and was accused of blasphemy by the court 7 years ago. He has been imprisoned for 7 years now and no one has opened his case so far. Unlike, the case of Anas Haqani who has been released nevertheless of the fact that he was connected to a terroristic group. Besides him, two other senior members of Haqani network were also released.

Anas Haqani was arrested by the national security of Afghanistan on 16/10/2014. He was accused of killing thousands of civilians and being behind tens of suicide attacks. He was sentenced to be executed however the releasing letters of Anas Haqani and the two other senior members were signed by President Ashraf Ghani after 5 years of imprisonment. It was a deal to secure the elections in areas occupied by the group in Ashraf Ghani’s favor during the elections of 2014.

Another matter that is going on is illegal arresting of Logar Provincial (province in south of Afghanistan) Human Rights Activists and Civil Activists Mr. Musa Mahmoudi (Head of Logar Civil Society) and Ehsanullah Hamidi (Human Rights Activist) by the Afghan directorate of national security. Ehsanullah Hamidi was arrested by national security authorities after he revealed that more than 500 children were sexually exploited by government officials in Logar province.
They are reportedly mistreated and tortured in prison. In contrast, the release of Mawlawi Salahuddin, a senior member of the Taliban, is a new issue that is
controversial as well. He was arrested while traveling to Pakistan on 1/9/2015 then released on 11/6/2019. But according to government officials, he had escaped from prison.
Moreover, the assassination of Wahid Muzhda a political analyst on 22/10/2019 by gunmen who had military uniforms and laser weapons needs to be thought about. He was a critic of the government and sympathized with the Taliban in some cases. According to Asadullah Wahidi another political analyst and his close friend Wahid Muzhda told him he had been threatened to death by the government.
In addition, spending more than 200 million dollars in Ashraf Ghani’s electoral campaign and recruiting human rights abusers and lawbreakers (such as Zardad Faryadi, Nezamuddin Qaisari, Kamran Alizai, Akhtar Mohammad Ebrahim Khel and other criminal figures) proves to be another fact where criticism can be directed at Mr. Ghani. On top of this the source of his expenditure is unclear. Spending such a big amount on campaigns while more than 70% of the Afghan population is under the poverty line is questionable.
So far, no security organization dared to file a corruption case against the Presidential Citadel, because the people who are accused are close to Mr. Ashraf Ghani and nobody can start an inquiry related to these cases. However, it can be assumed that Mr. Ashraf Ghani as a top government official, is involved in all of these cases and is himself a major contributor to human rights abuses, violations of freedom of expression and politicians.

prepared by: Mohammad Elham Nawid Yasini


Say goodbye to democracy in Afghanistan

Musa Mahmoudi, head of Logar province Civil Society

Today Tuesday 26/11/2019 We call the arrest of two human rights activists by the Afghan National Directorate of Security “illegal” and call for their immediate release.

Musa Mahmoudi, head of Logar province Civil Society with a human rights activist detained in Kabul by the Afghan National Directorate of Security, has arrested the two activists in apparent contravention of applicable national law and against accepted human rights standards. Mr Mahmoudi’s relatives and friends say he has disappeared from the security green zone in Kabul four days before and their fate is unknown. The two were detained on November 9 on a visit to the European Union ambassador in Kabul.

We consider the detention of human rights defenders to be in breach of domestic law and international human rights conventions and gross violations of freedom of expression. We are concerned about the torture and persecution of these human rights defenders in the Afghan government’s detention center. Confessing to force and torture and depriving a person of his lawyer is contrary to accepted human rights standards.

Mr. Ashraf Ghani! Instead of punishing human rights defenders, you must support their efforts to expose horrific crimes and prosecute perpetrators of child sexual abuse. Mr Mahmoudi had earlier said he had been threatened after the report was aired.

Mr Mahmoudi reported to the media two weeks before more than 500 allegations of sexual exploitation of children and adolescents, including school children in Logar province, were received, but his comments received positive and negative reactions.

We call on the Afghan government to release these two human rights activists as soon as possible and ensure that they are fully secure.

Nasim Kardan

Ministry of Health of Afghanistan caught in corruption and Immorality illness

The Minister of Public Health, Mr. Firouzuddin Firouz with the Deputy Minister of Public Health, Mr. Fada Mohammad Peykan

Corruption in Afghanistan has reached its peak, especially in main ministries such as the Ministry of Health. I tell you the documentary that shows a great administrative deal of corruption in the Immorality. I am Nasim Kardan (Kabul).

This corruption is at the Ministry of Health headed by the Contagious Disease Control Department for AIDS, Hepatitis and Sexual Assault, a few years ago by a person named Fada Mohammad Peykan, who is currently the Deputy Minister of Public Health and who is involved in corruption in the Ministry. There are many. When Fada Mohammad Peykan was in charge, he used his relatives to run and control his own corruption.

When Fada Mohammed Peykan is appointed by the Ministry of Public Health and the AIDS, Hepatitis and Sexual Assault Office is set to compete to become a capable person, Faddam Mohammad Peykan did not like income from AIDS, Hepatitis and Sexual Assault. He wanted to co-operate with the new Director, but the new Director, Dr Naqibullah Hamdard, rejected his proposal and sought closure of Fada Mohammed Paykan’s income; Deputy Fada Mohammad Peykan and Minister of Public Health Firoozeddin Firouz are unhappy with Naqibullah Hamdard’s work, accusing Mr. Hamdard of corruption and referring him to the General Prosecutor’s Office.

In order for this case to be considered in favor of the General Prosecutor’s Office and the Minister of Public Health, Mr. Firouzuddin Firouz, in cooperation with the Deputy Minister of Public Health, Mr. Fada Mohammad Peykan, the General Attorney’s brother, Mr. Basir Ahmad (Hamidi), in place of Mr. Naqibullah. Hamdard manager of AIDS, Hepatitis and Sexual Assault.

While the case is under investigation by the General Prosecutor’s Office and the Ministry of Health was working to arrest Mr. Hamdard, Mr. Hamdard failed to imprison him; on the contrary, Mr. Hamdard was released because Mr. Naqibullah Hamdard committed any embezzlement and corruption. At the same time, the Minister and Deputy Minister of Public Health of Afghanistan illegally prevented Dr. Naqibullah Hamdard from continuing to oversee AIDS, hepatitis and Sexual Assault, which is against the law if the law is made explicit. One person can only serve three months in another job but in the case of the nine months ago.

It is now AIDS control, hepatitis and Sexual Assault who work, if they work for benefit of Fada Mohammad Peykan, but they have no problem if they are contrary or impartial they thought that human dignity would be dismissed without pay; not even paid for. These people have not received a living wage for eight months; their administrative and Immorality corruption has led to human rights abuses.

We call on the international community, especially the agencies and organizations that are fighting corruption in Afghanistan, to ask the Afghan government why they are behaving in a humane manner with their people and to take action to reach this case as soon as possible.

Afghanistan: the abyss of death for her citizens

According to a Washington Post report which released on October 17 ” The past three months in Afghanistan have been the deadliest for civilians in a decade”
This published report which is quoted by UN shows that nearly 1717 of civilians have been killed while 3139 have been wounded between the period of July and September. In addition, it’s reported that among 8000 of civilian casualties 41% exists of children and women.
This comes as, the casualties of the militaries are over three times more than the mentioned statistic.
The high level of violence in Afghanistan indicates the government’s weakness to secure the citizens security. At the moment, nowhere is secure in Afghanistan and dozens of people die every day due to war caused by the presence of criminal groups throughout Afghanistan.
At the other hand, many human rights activists and journalists are threatened and killed by Taliban, warlords, and some law- breakers on a daily basis.
We call on the government of Afghanistan to prevent the casualties of civilians and threats against journalists and human rights activists, as well as to remain committed in their commitments for the international community.

Reporter: Mohammad Elham ” Nawid Yasini”