Increasing Violence And Civilian Murder in Afghanistan

Reports show that in the first six months of 2021, more than five thousand civilians were killed and injured in current conflict and violence by the Taliban and other armed groups, that half of them are women and children.

Figures show that the percentage of civilian casualties in the first half of this year increased by forty-seven percent compared to the same period last year.  more worrying thing is that, most of attacks that killed and wounded civilians, took place in May and June with the final withdrawal of US and international troops, which is really worrying. and if violence is not stopped, also intensifying military operations continues in densely populated urban areas, there will be occur a humanitarian catastrophe and large number of civilians will be killed and defective.

Attack and killing of civilians by any armed group under any name is considered a violation of human rights and genocide. and Afghanistan government must recapture the lost areas which is under the rule of Taliban and supply security of the people.

Belgian Independent Human Rights Organization also willing for an end to the violence by fighting parties as soon as possible. and call on international community and United Nations to investigate killing of civilians and compel the fighting parties to talk and bring them to negotiating table.

Reporter: Ahmad Reshad “ Eqbal ”

The Human Rights Situation in The Taliban Territory

Taliban have imposed restrictions on men and women after seizing and control number of districts in Afghanistan provinces like that Badakhshan, Takhar, Kunduz and Faryab, which is against human rights standards and laws of the country.

These restrictions include banning women from leaving the house without hijab and mahram, blocking girls schools, prohibition of providing health services to women without mahram, banning the use of television, forcing teachers and school children to use lameness and not shaving is one of the most important restrictions that Taliban have imposed on the people, which has caused serious concern to citizens, the Taliban have also sent letters to mosques and requested people, families with two or three children should include one of them in the ranks of Taliban, also people are obliged to cooperate with this group in providing any necessities, and if anyone refuses to cooperate with them, will be punished seriously.

Following the exacerbation of violence over the past few months, human rights situation in Afghanistan has faced serious challenges and concerns, also citizens access to basic rights and freedoms has been restricted in some of provinces, displacement of people in different places, lack of access to health services, increasing poverty and economic problems are other issues that indicate the deterioration of human rights situation.

Getting independence and restricting the individual freedoms of a person is against human principles and human rights violations, and government of Afghanistan has responsibility to protect their lives and property and provide security for the people, till they can live in peace and tranquillity. we call on United Nations and Amnesty International to investigate human rights abuses by the Taliban and to put the necessary pressure on this group to prevent human rights abuses.

Reporter: Ahmad Reshad “ Eqbal ”

Forced Migration is Considered War Crime

Taliban forcibly relocate 400 Badakhshan families living in Kunduz province to Badakhshan province.
These families who came to the area (Bagh-e-Shirkat) in the province years ago due to insecurity and poverty and were busy living, were forcibly relocated after the Taliban took over, burned their house, killed their men in front of their families, also their wives and children were forcibly displaced, and now these displaced people are living without shelter in one of the districts of Badakhshan, and no help has been provided for them so far.
The Afghan government has not only taken no action on this issue, even they provided the ground for killings and forced Migration, which indicates the Afghan government’s collusion with terrorist groups.
Forced migration of persons under any circumstances and by any faction is considered a war crime and genocide, and also violation of human rights, and governments have responsibility to treat their citizens regardless of race, religion, or ethnicity.
Belgian Independent Global Human Rights Organization calls on the United Nations and Amnesty International to investigate regarding this matter.

Reporter: Ahmad Reshad “ Eqbal