Arresting of Women’s Rights Activists and Civil Activists by Saudi Arabia Government

women’s rights activists who have been arrested by Saudi Arabia.

Recently, Saudi Arabic government has arrested 17 women’s rights activists and civil activists. Among the arrested people from last month there are two women’s activist who have a dual citizenship namely of USA and Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia’s human rights record has come under greater scrutiny since the killing of the dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi by Saudi agents in Istanbul in October. One of the civil activist who did not want to mention his name says any kind of civil activities is suppressed and the activists are threatened by their government.

We (Bighro) want from international society, especially, the United Nations to bring some pressure on Saudi government to release the women’s rights activists and respect the rights and the civil freedoms of their citizens.

Reporter: Mohammad Elham Nawid Yasini

Violation of Uighur Minority Rights by The Chinese Government

Recently The Chinese government has put nearly one million Uighur Turks in mass detention camps which is called over-learning camps. Uighurs in these camps are brainwashed, misbehaved, tortured and forced to learn Chinese culture.

This action of Chinese government started after the government ratified the new policy against extremism. which base on that the minorities of Uighur in order to prove their political loyalty to china government and improve their mental thinking, should be brought to these mandatory residence, which is called educational camps by Chinese government.

Uighurs who live in these camps say they are forced to learn Chinese culture especially its language and history. And also say if they do not attend classes, they are severely tortured by camp officials. This is while that one of the most famous Uighur vocalists has been lost due to torture in these camps. Moreover, Uighurs in these camps are forced to sing the songs which are about political loyalty to Chinese government for hours to carve government loyalty into their minds.

When Uighurs are brought to these camps, they have no right to go to court, and if a they rebel from government order in going to the camps they will be punished severely. Before these Uighur families were deprived in using of Islamic symbols and putting Islamic names to their offspring. One of the families say not only they were deprived in putting Islamic named to their children but also they had compulsory parents from government to control them during the night and day. That what they do and what language they speak.

Belgian independent global human rights organization condemn these action of Chinese government and calls on the Chinese state to respect the rights of their minorities. Also calls on EU and UN to press to the government of Chinese to shut down these camps and impel it to respect human rights.

Reporter: Mohammad Elham Nawid Yasini

Rights Violation of Pashtun Tribes in Pakistan


Pakistan is one of the countries which lots of human rights violations cases has been recorded by its human rights commission. Rights violation of, women, ethnic and religious minorities, and human rights and civil activists are the major cases which are directly and indirectly violated by its army and government.

 The civil demonstration repressing of Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) is the latest case which has been carried out by Pakistan army. This movement was formed for the first time in response to the murder of a young Pashtun which had been killed by a Pakistani senior police officer in Pakistan. then its domain got wide and spread to another’s countries. The PTM accuse Pakistan government in human rights violation and exerting of discrimination against Pashtun tribes. The Protesters of PTM say Pakistan army in pretext of fighting against terrorism enter to their locals and despoil their homes. Afterward they take them with their selves and put them in prison illegally. They also claim that the government violates the rights of citizens on the contrary of constitution which is ratified to all people equally.

Recently, Pakistan army arrested one of the human rights activist without any evidence who had cooperation in demonstration of PTM.  then after she spend some days in prison illegally she got released again due to protests of civil activists. Also one of senior member of PTM was killed mysteriously, which protesters and family of this person consider the police of Pakistan is responsible for his murder. His family says their son got threated by the army several times but he didn’t pay attention to threads.

The army of Pakistan are widely involved in violation of religious and ethnic minorities’ rights. due to life threats there is no institution which can dare to stop them. Human rights activists confirm these claim and believe that army carry out these inhumanity actions and prevent the launching of civil demonstration by the order of Pakistan government.

We(BIGHRO)consider this case seriously and we want serious attention of the international community, especially human rights commission of united nation in this case.

Reporter: Mohammad Elham Nawid Yasini

Terminate protection of war criminals in Afghanistan

In period of around one year Afghanistan’s government has arrested several local commanders in accusation of human rights violation and having non- responsible gunmen in different provinces. These commanders which were working in framework of militia are accused in human rights violations like: having personal prisons, murder, robbery, extortion, kidnapping, threat, torture, sexual abusage and compulsory move of citizens. they are in follow:
Nezamudin Qaisary from Faryab, Akram Khan from Takhar, commander Nawid from Kunduz (the mentioned provinces are located in northern of Afghanistan) and Alipoor from Ghazni (a central province in Afghanistan). but most of these commanders who work and inhabit in north and Est north provinces in Afghanistan like Takhar and Badakhshan were not arrested yet. like:
commander Said Muqtader, commander Bashir Qanat, commander Hussain, commander Piram Qul, commander Malik Tatar, commander Aslam and commander Saraj.
Some of these people are Jihadi commanders who did not concede their weapons to government and they have illegally non- responsible gunmen that made damage discipline and security of city and citizens in these provinces.
These are also accused for human rights violation and different crimes like: murder, annoying and harassment of citizens, compulsory move of citizens, trafficking of drug and mines, rape, sexual abusage and robbery. But local government in these provinces are not able to arrest them, because of having military power and political support.
Civil society activists in these provinces says government should take action seriously in arresting of these commanders because they are treat like Talib and Daish as well. And says nearly 20 groups of non-responsible gunmen are active in these provinces and government cannot arrest them.
Arresting of some of these commanders that we have mentioned above were opposed and supported by citizens, those who against of this action are accusing government in political and ethnic behaviors, and those who support this action believe it is government responsibility to secure the regularity and security of city and citizens and arrest those who are caused of irregularity and insecurity.
Human rights activist in Afghanistan also support this action of government and believe it is a good step toward rule of law in Afghanistan. they emphasize that the government should observe all human rights principles in arresting these people, and must not deprive them of having a lawyer and a fair court.
In this case, Belgian independent human rights organization is also emphasizing in establishment of justice and prevention of human rights violations, and wants a private court to be created for human rights violators by government under view of civil society and human rights organization in Afghanistan.

Mohmmad Elham “Nawid Yasini”

Terrorist attacks become obstacle for civil activities of Afghanistan’s citizens

a photo of Junbosh -e- Roshnai demonstration

In period of over four years of Afghanistan, national unity government of Afghanistan was witnessed of the deadliest terrorist attacks in capital and provinces.
In many cases, these attacks targeted the citizens’ peaceful civil rallies. For instance, attack in Jonboshb-e- Roshnaye and Jonbesh Rashtakhez, attack on protestors regarding to insecurities in Ghazni and Ghor provinces. Recently attack on clergies in a wedding hall that they had been gathered together about peace negotiations in Kabul that more than 600 people were killed and injured in these terrorist attacks.
Among terrorist attacks to civil demonstrations, Jonbesh -e- Roshnai was witness of the deadliest attacks that the government could not supply the protestor’s security of this demonstration.
The protestors of Jonbesh -e- Roshnai launched wide protests on 23th of July 2016, But due to government’s neglect at supplying security of protestors a big explosion took place and more than 400 people were killed and injured.
After this incident the ministry of interior affairs, banned any types of demonstration, which was the violence of free demonstrating and gathering.
These attacks not only took the life of civilians, but it also had a bad impact on their sure right, which wanted to rich to their legal goals through a peaceful way. According to some politicians and sociologists opinions continues of such attacks may have more worse impact on their civil activities and they won’t be able to proceed these types of activities again, and finally somehow they will be deprived from their rights.
Afghanistan’s civil society activities are the biggest achievement for Afghan people in past 15 years. Especially, wide participation of Afghan women in these activities were unheard in Afghanistan’s history and chiefly after Taliban’s regime. It is supposed to that it can aperture for actualizing women rights and empowerment of them to change their destinies.
However, these activities were decreased due to debility at supplying protestor’s security in security organizations, in most cases civil activities were held and finished in enclosed and limited sessions. This issue made civilians rigid concern, some of civil society and human rights activists believe these terrorist attacks not only are planned by insurgents but also by government organization in systematic methods.
Totally, we can say weakness in security organizations due to securing protestors security is a kind of human rights violations, and misbehaving with protestors by security force is a gross human rights violations
Belgian independent global human right organizations express its concern at this case and want from the human rights organization in Afghanistan to address this case seriously.
By Mohammad Elham Nawid yasini( reporter of Bighro) and Qassim Andarabi (Human rights activist).

The Afghan Parliamentary Elections Held with a Lot of Problems:

Elections staffs and afghan women during balloting.

The Afghan parliamentary elections were officially held on Saturday, the 20th October of 2018, in 32 provinces of Afghanistan. The election, which was being expected to be one of the most transparent elections in the history of the Afghanistan elections, but on the contrary such expectations were lost color in the early hours of the process. The main reasons for this were the lack of full preparation of the Afghanistan independent Elections Commission, which has led to a variety of problems in the process. In fact, it inflicted a major damage on one of the most important components of democracy, called elections.
This damage caused people to distrust and discourage toward voting process Which has led a number of people to refuse voting and could not use their vote, which was one of their fundamental rights. Major problems and violations that occurred during this election process are the following points:
1- The beginning of the voting process was delayed from 1 hour to 7 hours, which was going to begin at 7 am on that day.
2- The closure of a large number of polling stations, because there was no accessibility to the substance of the ballot.
3- not being names of voters in the polling list that they had previously registered there and could only vote there.
4- Inconformity of the peoples’ profile that had been registered in the polling list.
5-Mistreatment of security agents with participants, which led to serious complains of this area by voters.
6-The selling of some ballot boxes by election officials, it is said that armed insurgents have done this and did not allow the media to take any footage.
7- Dearth of ballot papers in some locations.
8- There were technical problems in the biometric device and the employees had no knowledge of it, because of this the voting registration took more time than scheduled.
9- Voting of non-eligible people.
10- Voting of under-aged people.
11- Lack of sufficient literacy of the staff of the election commission.
12- Interference of candidates in some provinces and their breaking of ballot boxes.
13- Using of poor quality material (ink).
14- The involvement of dishonest people at the back of the polling place during voting.
15- Prohibiting the presence of observers to prevent fraud.
16- Stealing of voting materials.
17- Not inking the finger of voters.
18- Filling ballot boxes by bullying people.
19- Transferring ballots on the night without announcing the results of votes.
20- Voting for several times by one person.
21-Making fraud actions possible by security forces.
22- Beating of observers and voters by security forces.
23- Buying and selling votes by candidates.
24- Selling the votes of itinerants (the people who do not have specific location they are always in move from one area to anther considering to the climate) in several provinces.
25- voting with other people ID card.
26- Cheating of election commission staff for a specific person.
27- Purchasing poor quality device for biometrics by Elections Commission.
The cases mentioned above are related to elections Commission, which indicates the inadequacy of the commission that should be asked. According to some point of views of experts, the existence of technical problems was in fact a systematic plan in order to provide fraud grounds. Due to unclear reasons the voting polls were closed in Ghazni (a province in center of Afghanistan), this is another issue that is questionable and it affirms deficiency of this commission. In Total, more than 1,000 neighborhoods of the 21,000 had no arrangement for the potential voters, because of technical and security reasons. This election was not empty of unpleasant events, on the first day nearly 200 security malfunctions occurred, as a result 36 people died and 120 others were wounded. Among the dead 27 were civilians and 9 were army and police soldiers. The bloodiest attack was in Kabul which caused 8 militarists and 7 civilians dead. The voting process of 371 centers began on the following day, 2018/10/21. It was beforehand announced that the elections in Ghazni and Kandahar (a province in south of Afghanistan) have been delayed and elections were held only in 32 provinces. Despite the high humanized and financial costs, the authorities of the elections and the elections complain commission, from head to members lacked capacity. The government of Afghanistan and the helping countries should take action before holding the presidential elections. The elections and elections complaints commissions need major changes. Otherwise, all these financial expenses will be in vain. There has been a lot of damage to the development of democracy in Afghanistan. The most important issue is the human rights issue in this incident, which officials must answer.
The Belgian Independent Global Human Rights Organization (Bighro) has given serious attention to this issue and expects also a serious one from the European union and the UN in Kabul.
This report was prepared by Nasim kardan and Nawid Yasini, reporters of (Bighro) from Kabul and Balkh(Afghanistan).

Selling Children in Herat (The province in western- Afghanistan) due to Poverty and Hunger:

The Afghan families who have moved from Farayab and Badghis to Herat

In Herat (The western province in Afghanistan) More than 70 children have been sold due to poverty and hunger by their families. Families of these children who have come from Herat conterminous provinces like Badghis, Faryab and Ghor to this province say, because of not being able to provide food they had to sell their children. The majority of these children are girls aging from 1 to 12 years and they were being dealt for 50 to 60 thousand Afghani (equivalent about to one thousand U.S.A dollars) by the name of marriage. It is also said that some children which have not been sold yet they are going to be sold and the families are waiting for venders.

Considering the fact that 16,000 families moved to Herat from Badghis, Ghor and Faryab provinces because of drought and in security in last six months and they live in a very critical situation under tents in different regions of Herat province, yet Afghanistan’s government which functions as a first class institution in this field to secure their citizen’s security and save them from poverty and hunger has taken no action, so far.

In accordance with the international laws, human and child’s rights conventions, selling and buying human, underage and forcible marriages and also lake of support from child’s parents is a gross violation of human rights which Afghanistan’s government and assistance institutions should be accountable for this.

The Belgian independent global human rights organization(Bighro) wants from assistance institution and human rights like: international organization for migration (IMO), The united nations emergency children’s fund (UNICEF), world food program(WFP) and Afghanistan human rights commission to cooperate in this regard and seriously address this issue with the afghan government.

Nawid Yasini