Increasing Violence And Civilian Murder in Afghanistan

Reports show that in the first six months of 2021, more than five thousand civilians were killed and injured in current conflict and violence by the Taliban and other armed groups, that half of them are women and children.

Figures show that the percentage of civilian casualties in the first half of this year increased by forty-seven percent compared to the same period last year.  more worrying thing is that, most of attacks that killed and wounded civilians, took place in May and June with the final withdrawal of US and international troops, which is really worrying. and if violence is not stopped, also intensifying military operations continues in densely populated urban areas, there will be occur a humanitarian catastrophe and large number of civilians will be killed and defective.

Attack and killing of civilians by any armed group under any name is considered a violation of human rights and genocide. and Afghanistan government must recapture the lost areas which is under the rule of Taliban and supply security of the people.

Belgian Independent Human Rights Organization also willing for an end to the violence by fighting parties as soon as possible. and call on international community and United Nations to investigate killing of civilians and compel the fighting parties to talk and bring them to negotiating table.

Reporter: Ahmad Reshad “ Eqbal ”

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