Taliban more violent than ever:

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In the latest case of violence against women by the Taliban in Takhar province of Afghanistan, they have decided in the occupied districts of the province and asked the families to marry one of their daughters to the militants of this group. It turned out that the terrorist group ISIS was operating in Syria and Iraq, and this group is not separate from this extremist Islamic policy.

The Taliban is an extremist and anti-human group and does not believe in any international law, let alone the equality of men and women, nor do they believe in the values of human rights and equality of human dignity. According to the Taliban, Islam does not allow women to leave their homes without the permission of a Muharram. This ban means restricting the right to work, the right to liberty and other women’s rights. The Taliban basically want the separation of men and women in the public sphere. For them, it is not acceptable for women to go to places where non-mahram men are present, either for education or work. According to Taliban’s story of Islam, women cannot be present in society as judges or political leaders. There seems to be an irreconcilable contradiction between Taliban’s views on Islam and women’s rights and freedoms in Afghanistan.

We call on the international community and the international organizations to stop human rights abuses in Afghanistan, and for the Taliban to abide by human rights laws, to stop harassing people, and to respect the legitimate demands of the people, which are individual and collective freedom.

Reports by Nasim Kardan

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