Forced Migration is Considered War Crime

Taliban forcibly relocate 400 Badakhshan families living in Kunduz province to Badakhshan province.
These families who came to the area (Bagh-e-Shirkat) in the province years ago due to insecurity and poverty and were busy living, were forcibly relocated after the Taliban took over, burned their house, killed their men in front of their families, also their wives and children were forcibly displaced, and now these displaced people are living without shelter in one of the districts of Badakhshan, and no help has been provided for them so far.
The Afghan government has not only taken no action on this issue, even they provided the ground for killings and forced Migration, which indicates the Afghan government’s collusion with terrorist groups.
Forced migration of persons under any circumstances and by any faction is considered a war crime and genocide, and also violation of human rights, and governments have responsibility to treat their citizens regardless of race, religion, or ethnicity.
Belgian Independent Global Human Rights Organization calls on the United Nations and Amnesty International to investigate regarding this matter.

Reporter: Ahmad Reshad “ Eqbal

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