Disbelief in peace and concerned about human rights violations in Afghanistan:

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While ending the war and killing is generally a positive thing, the special situation in Afghanistan with the Taliban, which has increased their activities in recent years, has raised fears in Afghan society about the future of the country in the absence of a strong deterrent force. Violence has escalated into Taliban insurgency.

The United States will end the longest war in 20 years with the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan on May 1 and the end of the withdrawal on September 11 this year.

The Afghan government has good resources to stand up to the Taliban terrorist group, but they have lost the ability to organize and mobilize their forces. The government does not have the ability to mobilize the people, the forces and the facilities at their disposal. There are several reasons for this. One of the most important reasons is that the government apparatus is inefficient and has been crippled by administrative and moral corruption. So the fear is serious. This fear has two aspects, one of which is the lack of confidence of the majority of the Afghan people in the current government, and the other aspect of which is due to the sharp increase in the confidence of the Taliban, which is trying to dominate the country.

The Taliban may continue the war under various pretexts. One of their excuses may be the purge of forces and groups that they are say a major obstacle to the establishment of an Islamic government and system. In fact, under this pretext, the Taliban seek revenge on groups they have fought against in the last twenty years, such as human rights activists, civil society activists and journalists. The second issue that causes the Taliban to continue the war in Afghanistan under this pretext is the issue of seizing power. Due to their nature, the Taliban do not believe in the division of power, the separation of powers and the distribution of resources. The third issue is the issue of Islamization of society and government. The Taliban may continue to fight in the country to establish the government they want and to secure the values they believe in. Another reason the Taliban may continue to fight in Afghanistan is that they claim ethnicity and seek the domination of a particular ethnic group in Afghanistan. They seek to dominate the Pashtun people in the country, so it is likely that the Taliban will continue to fight to eliminate non-Pashtun political elites in Afghanistan.

As the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan begins, attacks on Afghan security forces in various provinces of the country have increased and a number of districts have fallen to the Taliban. Afghan security officials say they have withdrawn tactically from these areas. Afghan government officials have previously blamed the fall on districts for preventing civilian casualties. But the people of Afghanistan do not believe this, and they believe that, under the new government policy, a number of difficult-to-reach districts will be evacuated where they have difficulties to defend and send troops to these areas. If the evacuation of the districts should be done in consultation with the people and local commanders to prevent further harm to the people.

In our view, the announcement of the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan has raised concerns about the loss of human rights progress. And the announcement of a plan to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan has heightened concerns about rising insecurity. And it has raised concerns for us that Afghanistan’s progress on human rights is being lost.

The people of Afghanistan, who have decades of experience in human rights abuses, fear that their achievements in media freedom, education, health care and women’s rights will soon be lost and that there will be no accountability for injustice.

Let the international community declare their commitment to the protection of human rights in Afghanistan. We believe that the Taliban’s approach to human rights is of grave concern.

Report by Nasim Kardan

Author: Nasim Kardan

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