What Will Happen to Afghan Citizens if Taliban Take the Power?

It is being nearly 20 years that the Taliban have been fighting government forces to retake Afghanistan and re-establish the Islamic Emirate. They previously ruled Afghanistan for five years, which is one of the darkest periods in Afghanistan’s contemporary history. The Taliban used to be considered a terrorist group, but gained political legitimacy after the signing of the peace agreement with the United States, which led the group to believe that their war was legitimate and the international community will recognize them as State after their victory. (Occupation of Afghanistan). They are more at war with the Afghan government and people than ever before, and they want to seize power not through peace but through war.

The citizens of Afghanistan, who are worried about the return of this group, will no longer be able to experience that dark period again under the name of the Islamic Emirate. They know that the return of the Taliban will certainly not be without tragedy for them.

Although the Taliban say they have made mistakes in the past and no longer want to repeat those mistakes, but as we know there is not the slightest change in their behaviors. They attack journalists, human rights activists, university professors, health workers and government employees every day.

Recently, in a popular TV show, Hafizullah Mansoor one of the senior members of Afghan peace negotiation team was asked About the Taliban’s views on freedom of expression and their treatment with other religious groups especially the Shiites, whether the Taliban’s views have changed or not?

In response to Tv Show’s presenter Mr. Mansoor Said “The Taliban have not changed and they are exactly the same group they were 20 years ago. They reject freedom of expression and will treat other religious groups in Afghanistan as they have in the past.” He Added if the Taliban get the power they will punish all Afghan citizens. No matter who were them. The people who were lived in the city or in the village, the people who were government employees or not, the people who worked for Foreign troops or not, they are going to punish all citizens as USA or NATO’s slaves.

Afghanistan has made tangible achievements in the last 20 years in various fields, and everyone believes that if the international community leaves Afghanistan alone, not only will these achievements be lost, but a humanitarian catastrophe will occur in this country.

We (BIGHRO) call on the international community not to believe what the Taliban say. they are just a terrorist group and that they will not be commit to any agreement.

Mohammad Elham “Nawid Yasini”

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