The families of the victims want justice:

Gunmen stormed a gypsum processing center in the Sorkh-Rod district of Nangarhar province in Afghanistan on Wednesday night, 2021/3/3 killing seven workers, all residents of Bamyan province, and fled the scene.

Mohammad Hashem, Aref, Khodadad, Habib, Reza, Ali Khan and Mohammad Hussein were seven workers who were killed last Wednesday night in Nangarhar, all of whom belonged to the Hazara minority.

The victims’ families say the seven workers were first beaten and then handcuffed have been shot. A statement from the families of the victims described the incident as a “crime against humanity” in which ordinary workers who had gone from Kabul to Nangarhar to earn money were shot dead.

The statement from the families of the victims said that no action has been taken to identify and punish the perpetrators since the incident.

We call this human crime a war crime and I call on the Afghan government to pursue this incident seriously.

report by Nasim Kardan

Author: Nasim Kardan

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