Consolation Message

The Belgian Independent Global Human Rights Organisation consider the assassination of Dr. Khalil Normgui, the head of Central Baghlan Regional Hospital, an unforgivable and great crime and strongly condemn it. The leadership of Baghlan National Council during it’s remarkable meeting prayed for the martyrdom of the martyr and the civil authorities.

Dr. Khalil Normgoi was one of the leading specialists, servants and veterans of Baghlan province whom without any segregation and borderline in a voluntary manner had treated the wounded and sick. Returning to his home on the Baghlan-Pul-e-Khumri road in central Baghlan, he has been martyred by the enemies of peace and security and the opposition. He is considered a great loss. We wish the honorable’s family, survivors, public health and doctors of Baghlan province patience. may their memories be cherished.
We came from God and to him we return.

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