Journalists and Civil Society Activists are leaving Afghanistan!

After escalation of targeted-killings in recent months that have killed and injured hundreds of journalists, human rights activists, civil society activists and prominent figures; now Journalists, civil society activists are leaving Afghanistan permanently or temporarily due to growing security threats.
Recently, a female journalist and a male TV journalist, who are prominent TV personalities, left Afghanistan for security reasons. They attribute their departure from
Afghanistan to the lack of security and the government’s inattention in insuring the journalist’s security.
A report which released by the Afghan Human Rights Independent Commission at the end of 2020 shows that in the last six months, including more than 100 of Afghan journalists, about 945 Afghan citizens have been killed and injured in the targeted assassinations.
These attacks come as the Afghan government is negotiating peace with the Taliban.
The Afghan government blamed the Taliban for the attacks and accuse them in targeted-killings.
Human rights activists in Afghanistan believe that negligence and widespread corruption in the security sector are the factors which government is not able to prevent targeted- assassinations. They are stressing that if the government continues to engage in corruption and engage in political controversy, it will be not so long that we witness the suffocation of freedom of expression as the dark regime of the Taliban once again in Afghanistan.
Belgian Independent Global Human Rights Organization is concerned about the lives of civilians, especially journalists, and calls on the Afghan government and the international community to stop these attacks and to pay serious attention to the security of journalists, human rights activists and civil society activists.

Reporter: Mohammad Elham NAWID YASINI

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