Number of Afghan Human Rights and Civil Rights Activists Praised by BIGHRO IN Afghanistan







Belgian Independent Human Rights delegation of appreciation letters ceremony was held on date 12/9/2020 with the participation of Mr. Rasooli chairman of BIGHRO, prominent human and civil rights activities and number of individuals from international organization, at Kabul Serena Hotel in Kabul (capital of Afghanistan).
At this ceremony, the following individuals received letters of appreciation from the Belgian Independent Human Right Organization for their services in the field of human rights, development of democracy, protection of women right, freedom of expression and effort to alleviate poverty.
1- Zaman Ahmadi prominent author and human right activist.
2- Doctor Atifa Tayeb civil activist and human right activist.
3- Khatera Shikhani women’s rights activist and civil activist.
4- Fakhunda Zahra Naderi women’s rights activist.
5- Youth Institute for Peace.
At the end of the ceremony, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Belgian Independent Human Right Organization and Prosperous Afghanistan Program institution to advance common goals. In the framework of this memorandum, the two sides agreed on joint cooperation in the field of human rights, development of democracy and poverty alleviation.


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