Takhar (The Safe Haven for Illegal Gunmen in the Northeast of Afghanistan)

The province of Takhar (the province in the northeast of Afghanistan) is one of those provinces which is famous by having illegal armed forces. Beside the security threats from the terroristic groups such as Talib and ISIS, which have made living difficult for the residents of this province, the tyranny of the illegal armed forces have also narrowed the living space for the resident of Takhar.
The presence of prominent local figures such as commander Khal Mohammad, Commander Sakhi, and other people are the main reasons that why Takhar residents consider their province to be in the hands of powerful local forces.
Mostly, the things which bother these residents is the committing of crimes which are committed by illegal gunmen every day. But the local government is unable to control it. Crimes such as murder, robbery, kidnapping, beatings, forced marriages, raping on women and children and drug trafficking to central Asia countries are the issues that made this province one of the insecure provinces in the north zone.
Residents says it’s been 10 years that insecurity have been continuing by both sides either terroristic groups or local illegal gunmen. They blame the government and the security officials in providing security for the civilians in this provinces.
They believe that the illegal gunmen commit crime by supporting of high- ranking governments officials, otherwise they are not enable to do so.

Reporter: M. Elham NAWID YASINI

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