UN Calls on Afghan Government to Protect Human Rights Defenders

Recently, UN in publication called on Afghan Government to protect human rights defense’s lives seriously. In this publication a human rights- expert of UN regretted for killing of numerous human rights defenders in several provinces of Afghanistan, such as Herat, Ghazni and Zabul (the provinces in west, Est and center zones in Afghanistan). he said killing of human rights defenders is a big tragedy.
United Nation believes that the protection of human rights defenders is the government’s responsibility and calls on Afghan government to take fundamental action for the Afghan-Human Rights defenders.
The publication is being published while the human rights- defender casualties’ statics has been increased since the beginning of 2020. the majority of human rights defenders in Afghanistan believe that the reasons behind targeting the human rights defenders are the people’s misunderstandings and extremism views. They think the illiteracy is the only reason for growing extremism thinks in Afghanistan, and blame the government for not doing enough to reduces illiteracy in this country.
Belgian Independent Global Human Rights Organization also call on the Afghan government to take the necessary measures to protect human rights defenders lives and prosecute who commit violation against human rights defenders.

Reporter: M. Elham NAWID YASINI

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