Are Afghan women optimistic about Peace with Taliban?

It has been 18 years since the collapse of a regime when women were being defined by their rights and identity in the four walls of the home and the internal responsibilities of family and kitchen, and it was the Taliban political system or their government that kept women in the houses for more than half a decade and had experienced hardship. They were deprived of the right to work abroad, to be educated in school and university, which is known today as the greatest achievement of women.
Now that 18 years have passed since then, Afghan women have achieved the greatest. They go to school to learn pre-education; then they go to university to be active in various fields such as politics, economics, technology, security, health…etc., to shape the future of their country. What was impossible for them in the past and was just a dream. Now that hundreds of legal materials and women’s rights organizations are working to support and protect women, as well as recognizing women as half of society who have equal rights without any discrimination from men side, it is no longer a dream and the accepted objective reality of Afghanistan today is on the side of other achievements for women.
Although the lack of practical shortcomings of the government to support and highlight the status of women cannot be ignored, it seems that all these achievements with all their shortcomings are today the red line for women in any political transaction which is supposed to make the future of the country’s political system; and would not trad able ever.
However, the questions that arise are whether women will support peace with the Taliban? In other words, are women ready to accept the post-peace Emirati regime to end violence? In general, what is their perspective on the peace perspective with the Taliban?
Peace which is a lost and a chronic long-wish of every Afghan citizen, which many people are counting for the moments to come true their wish, but it is discussing while the Taliban is the mean side of the peace reconciliations. Taliban, the group that has made the darkest period in its history by displaying an unprecedented extremist hostility to Afghan women during their regime.
With this situation, Afghan women, who have the worst and most horrific experiences of the Taliban in the past, on the one hand accept this peace to end the suicide bombing and on the other hand consider peace as the biggest threat against them. Because they see the Taliban as a great risk to themselves, given the nearly two decades of history and the group’s actions so far that have led to the stoning of thousands of women and children, and are reluctant to change the group’s minds. And the Taliban have exacerbated this insecurity of women in the negotiations between the Americans and the country’s political leaders. Because when they are always asked about women’s rights, their answer is simply, “We recognize women’s rights according to Islamic law,” without explaining whether the same law that defined women’s rights 18 years ago? Or this law is different from that past law. According to women, the Taliban have always seen the media as promoting prostitution and described freedom of speech as a means of promoting infidelity and atheism. This indicates that the group has not changed its mind after 18 years. Women who do not believe in a change of the Taliban are pessimistic about peace with the Taliban. However, they see peace as a serious need and stress that the Taliban must comply with the demands of the Afghan people and stop fighting violence.

Prepared by: M. Elham NAWID YASINI

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