A deadly attack on Sikh worship place in Afghanistan

Afghan Sikhs Which rescued by Afghan Forces

Due to a deadly terrorist attack on a Sikh worship place in Kabul province (the capital of Afghanistan) 33 civilians have been killed and wounded. This attack today -morning on date March 25 around 8am was began when dozens of Sikhs were worshiping.
Although the cause and motivation for the attack is not clear yet, but some people link it to the religious conflicts between Hindu extremists and Muslims in India which are going on at the moment.
Apart from the cause and motivation of this attack, what is important to note is the weakness and inability of the government and security agencies in securing the security of citizens, which cannot prevent such anti-human attacks. On the other hand, political divisions among Afghan political leaders have also led security agencies to engage in political issues rather than focus on the security of Afghan citizens.
Citizens of Afghanistan are strongly concerned about the creation of parallel governments and consider the causes of insecurity to be political divisions among political leaders. They call on the government to end these divisions and pay attention to the security of citizens.
Belgian Independent Global Human Rights Organization (BIGHRO) strongly condemns this attack and call the government to pay attention to the security of its citizens and protect the life and rights of the minorities in this country. we also urge the political leaders to end their political differences and prevent Afghanistan from going into more crisis.

Reporter: M. Elham Nawid Yasini

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