Please support women’s breathing right in Afghanistan

Women in Afghanistan not only are deprived from their fundamental rights but also it is very hard for them to breathe easily.
This issue relevant to existing of extremist group and people who are misogynist and trying to suffocate the voice of women and make them imprisonment in their home. Recently establishing of an office under name of (Administration for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice) by an extremist scholar Mujib Rahman Ansari in Herat province (western province in Afghanistan) is a simple example of this matter. He due to his influence and power is working hard to make veil- wearing (Hejab) compulsory and collect the people by his religious school student who committed crime to impose Hudud (hard religion punishment of Islamic law) on them. He threats women through local medias every day by stressing to implementation of Hudud.
This matter has deeply concerned the women of Herat and they do not have the courage to stand up against Ansari’s threats and remarks.
Ignoring some women rights including preventing them from appearing in public and threatening them with a journalistic job, are the cases that Ansari wants women to be deprived.
However, the government has been silent in this regard and has not instituted any legal action against Mr. Ansari yet. Extremist groups are usually supported by Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia to promote extremism in Afghanistan.
It should be noted that some Afghan Leader who also benefit from the financial resources of these countries are completely silent in such cases and pretend that there is no such thing at all.
Afghan civil and human rights activist insist that if the government continues to silence around Mr. Ansari and other extremist groups, it will not be too late for us to see extremist groups sharper than Taliban and ISIS in Afghanistan and being witness for nail- biting on democracy’s half-life coffin.

We urge European countries, which are trying to institutionalize democracy in Afghanistan and fund the Afghan government for this purpose, to put pressure on the Afghan government to bring the agents of extremism and violence in justice and do not let anyone dare to threat Afghan women again.

Reporter: M. Elham NAWID YASINI

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