Supporting human rights abusers and having a partnership with them in the important national processes is disparagement of democratic values

Mr. Ashraf Ghani is expected to respect the principles of democracy and pay attention to it more than anyone else. Despite having followed education in the Western world he seems to work in the contrary, because he actually violates in most cases the human rights and infringes the significant process of the democratic values during the political campaigns.
For instance, supporting human rights abusers indirectly by hiring them to join electoral campaigns in aim to obtain more votes. General Malik is one of those figures, he is accused of murdering over 5000 war prisoners after a coalition with the Taliban in 1998.

Moreover, he and his two brothers Mr. Rasool Pahlawan and Mr. Gul Mohammad Pahlawan have committed a great amount of crimes and human rights violation in the past as well. From having personal jails to forced marriages, rape, expropriation of public properties and killing innocent people.Instead of bringing them in front of the court, Mr. Ashraf Ghani the president of Afghanistan supports them and brought them to his electoral campaign. They are even supposed to be hired in the next cabinet of Afghanistan’s government after the Presidential elections.

However, it seems that Mr. Ghani is not committed to any principles of democracy and he is ready to do anything for his victory in the elections. Even if it means to have agreements with such inhuman criminals and create safe heavens on earth for them. Nevertheless, it doesn’t seem to bother the President at all.

Reporter: M. Elham Nawid Yasini

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