Who are behind the violence and violation of human rights in Afghanistan?

Violation of freedom of expression, assassination of government critics, imprisonment of civil activists, releasing war criminals and terrorists are the most recent news of the national unity government. That is governed by President Ashraf Ghani and some other characters. This report attempts to distinguish the government’s actions against critics of the government (human rights activists, writers, political analysts, and political opponents) and opponents (Taliban) in a comparative manner.
Mohammad Zaman Ahmadi was sentenced with 20 years of imprisonment for writing an article and was accused of blasphemy by the court 7 years ago. He has been imprisoned for 7 years now and no one has opened his case so far. Unlike, the case of Anas Haqani who has been released nevertheless of the fact that he was connected to a terroristic group. Besides him, two other senior members of Haqani network were also released.

Anas Haqani was arrested by the national security of Afghanistan on 16/10/2014. He was accused of killing thousands of civilians and being behind tens of suicide attacks. He was sentenced to be executed however the releasing letters of Anas Haqani and the two other senior members were signed by President Ashraf Ghani after 5 years of imprisonment. It was a deal to secure the elections in areas occupied by the group in Ashraf Ghani’s favor during the elections of 2014.

Another matter that is going on is illegal arresting of Logar Provincial (province in south of Afghanistan) Human Rights Activists and Civil Activists Mr. Musa Mahmoudi (Head of Logar Civil Society) and Ehsanullah Hamidi (Human Rights Activist) by the Afghan directorate of national security. Ehsanullah Hamidi was arrested by national security authorities after he revealed that more than 500 children were sexually exploited by government officials in Logar province.
They are reportedly mistreated and tortured in prison. In contrast, the release of Mawlawi Salahuddin, a senior member of the Taliban, is a new issue that is
controversial as well. He was arrested while traveling to Pakistan on 1/9/2015 then released on 11/6/2019. But according to government officials, he had escaped from prison.
Moreover, the assassination of Wahid Muzhda a political analyst on 22/10/2019 by gunmen who had military uniforms and laser weapons needs to be thought about. He was a critic of the government and sympathized with the Taliban in some cases. According to Asadullah Wahidi another political analyst and his close friend Wahid Muzhda told him he had been threatened to death by the government.
In addition, spending more than 200 million dollars in Ashraf Ghani’s electoral campaign and recruiting human rights abusers and lawbreakers (such as Zardad Faryadi, Nezamuddin Qaisari, Kamran Alizai, Akhtar Mohammad Ebrahim Khel and other criminal figures) proves to be another fact where criticism can be directed at Mr. Ghani. On top of this the source of his expenditure is unclear. Spending such a big amount on campaigns while more than 70% of the Afghan population is under the poverty line is questionable.
So far, no security organization dared to file a corruption case against the Presidential Citadel, because the people who are accused are close to Mr. Ashraf Ghani and nobody can start an inquiry related to these cases. However, it can be assumed that Mr. Ashraf Ghani as a top government official, is involved in all of these cases and is himself a major contributor to human rights abuses, violations of freedom of expression and politicians.

prepared by: Mohammad Elham Nawid Yasini


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