Afghanistan: the abyss of death for her citizens

According to a Washington Post report which released on October 17 ” The past three months in Afghanistan have been the deadliest for civilians in a decade”
This published report which is quoted by UN shows that nearly 1717 of civilians have been killed while 3139 have been wounded between the period of July and September. In addition, it’s reported that among 8000 of civilian casualties 41% exists of children and women.
This comes as, the casualties of the militaries are over three times more than the mentioned statistic.
The high level of violence in Afghanistan indicates the government’s weakness to secure the citizens security. At the moment, nowhere is secure in Afghanistan and dozens of people die every day due to war caused by the presence of criminal groups throughout Afghanistan.
At the other hand, many human rights activists and journalists are threatened and killed by Taliban, warlords, and some law- breakers on a daily basis.
We call on the government of Afghanistan to prevent the casualties of civilians and threats against journalists and human rights activists, as well as to remain committed in their commitments for the international community.

Reporter: Mohammad Elham ” Nawid Yasini”

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