Police in Afghanistan holds field court

Police in remote region areas which are far from city centers, especially, in villages hold field courts for people in Afghanistan. It is said that the police misuses his authorities by killing civilians for personal issues in different accusations. Recently, two cases of murder of civilians in two districts like Balkh district of Balkh province and Warsaj district of Takhar province (Northern provinces in Afghanistan) has been filed. The families of these victims claimed that their sons were killed without any reasonable arguments.
In the northern province of Balkh two civilians who were brothers, were killed by police while they were getting some loafs of bread from the bakery. The policemen who were riding in a police car shot them death and escaped from the area without any fear. Another case is in Takhar Northern Province of Afghanistan, which is about a young boy who has been killed by the police in front of his family in his residence. He was accused of supporting and working for insurgents. The families of these victims went to the police administration to write and register their complaints but nobody listened to their complaints. It seems that the police misuses his authorities and kills innocent civilians.
According to the penal code of Afghanistan, the police has only the right to arrest and introduce the suspects to the judicial organizations. Investigating and implementing of penalty are only the duties of judicial organizations not of the police administration. So killing or holding filed court for either guilty or innocent people by police administration is gross human rights violation and should be prevented by the Afghan government.

Reporter: Mohammad Elham Nawid Yasini


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