The Afghan police, human rights violator and partner of criminal groups in Afghanistan

Criminal and mafia activities are increasing which has become another danger to Afghan citizens beside the terrorist activities every day. This means a rise in the percentage of innocent lives being taken away and families becoming victims of human rights violations.
These groups which are believed to be in support of some high security officials and some political leaders, have a leading hand in different crimes such as murder, kidnap, robbery and human rights violation. Hundreds of Afghans become victims of their crimes.
So these groups are a serious and big threat to citizen’s security and their human rights beside the terrorist groups.
Among these, the police which is responsible for attaining the city and citizens security has a hand in different crimes in cooperation with these groups. Instead of preventing crimes to be committed by these groups the police is supporting them knowingly and unknowingly.
I (the reporter) have interviewed over 500 people who were victims of these types of crimes in different provinces like Kabul, Balkh, Herat and Nengarhar (provinces located in the center, north, west and east of Afghanistan). They claim that the whole network of criminal and mafia groups have contacts within the Afghan police and thanks to them are able to commit various crimes. According to these victims when you try to go to the police administration to complain, the police do not take any practical action except registering your complaints. They have also claimed that the police just pay attention to those people’s cases who pay them, thus bribe them.

A valid source which doesn’t want to reveal his name confirms the every claim in this report and says all the criminal groups which are active in different provinces are under support of some political leaders and some high security officials.
The provinces that I mentioned above and I had interview with its inhabitants are examples of hundreds of human rights violations and criminal cases that accrue.
Important to mention is that these typical criminal groups exist next to the terrorist groups in other provinces of Afghanistan as well. Unfortunately because the police supports them the Afghan citizens are devastated and are not able to stop these groups from growing.
Despite the 18 years of international financial cooperation for development of the security systems and forces in Afghanistan, it seems that all these international support has been wasted and that the government has been careless about it.
It’s a shame that the Afghan police has become the support system and partners with criminals and mafia groups instead of being the guardian of the Afghan order and stability.
The Belgian independent global human rights organization wants countries which support Afghanistan financially in particular for the security forces to bring necessary pressure on the Afghan government so that the Afghan government changes its careless attitude towards this matter and tackle this problem from the core as soon as possible.

Reporter: Mohammad Elham Nawid Yasini

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